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Volkswagen I.D. BUZZ CARGO

Volkswagen Commercial Electric Vehicles


Volkswagen I.D. BUZZ CARGO

Volkswagen I.D. BUZZ CARGO

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has five new zero emission commercial vehicles on show at the 2018 IAA Commercial Vehicles Show in Hannover.


Volkswagen has already introduced the first new model in its electric mobility campaign, the new e-Crafter, with pre-sales of the electric van beginning this month. The I.D. BUZZ CARGO concept is the first commercial vehicle to be based on the new I.D. Family and the modular electric drive kit (MEB). The MEB enables WLTP ranges from approximately 330km to more than 550km depending on the battery size and the specific model.

ABT e-Transporter

The ABT e-Transporter taxi concept is a zero-emission van with a battery system that is scalable so that it can satisfy the needs of a wide variety of potential applications and budgets in a possible production model. In its base configuration, the Transporter comes with a lithium-ion battery that has an energy capacity of 37.3 kWh; the second battery version offers an energy capacity of 74.6 kWh. Driving ranges of the two versions are between 208 and 400 km.

ABT e-Caddy

The ABT e-Caddy will arrive on the market in the middle of next year. Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is also presenting the ABT e-Caddy as a taxi; based on the extended Caddy Maxi it offers space for five people plus luggage and a range of up to 220 km (forecast NEDC figures).

Cargo e-Bike

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles also now has its first electric bike: the Cargo e-Bike, due for a market introduction in 2019. The Cargo e Bike is a pedelec (pedal electric cycle) that adds power assistance to its rider’s pedalling with a 250 Watt (48V) mid-mounted motor at speeds up to 25 km/h. It can be used anywhere, even in pedestrian zones. Energy for the electric motor is supplied by a lithium-ion battery.

Crafter HyMotion

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is also demonstrating a new alternative fuel direction with the world premiere of the Crafter HyMotion – a van with a hydrogen fuel cell drivetrain. The Crafter HyMotion was specially designed for longer journeys. The 4.25-tonne Crafter HyMotion van can cover driving ranges of more than 500 km. The time required to refill the Crafter HyMotion is comparable to that for conventionally powered models. Despite its significantly longer driving range, the Crafter HyMotion offers an even larger payload than the e-Crafter. The Crafter HyMotion is still a concept vehicle – but as soon as the infrastructure is right, the van could launch with its zero emission electric motor.