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Renault ZOE 2019

New Renault ZOE gains 242 mile range

The updated Renault ZOE now has a 242 mile range from a new 52 kWh battery, along with faster charging with the option of 50kW DC capability, and a choice of 100kW and 80kW electric motor options.

Seven years after its release, the new ZOE has exterior design tweaks, and the interior has been completely overhauled, with a fully redesigned instrument panel and dashboard.

The new ZOE gets a 52 kWh battery that delivers a range of up to 242 miles (WLTP). There are also more recharging options, including the introduction of an optional direct current (DC) charger, and the availability of a 100 kW motor on GT Line models. There’s also a new B Mode that boosts regenerative braking, allowing ‘single pedal driving’.

All ZOE models now get full LED headlamps as standard and three different wheel diameters available – 15, 16 and 17-inch. On the inside there are new TFT screens and an upgraded infotainment system.

The new ZOE benefits from the new 52 kWh Z.E. 50 battery, which takes the useable range up to 242 miles (WLTP), which is an increase of around 30 percent over the old 40 kWh pack. It now also offers fast direct current (DC) charging, in addition to the alternating current charging (AC) options already available at home or on the street.

The optional Combo charging plug (CCS) is slightly larger than the previous plug and consists of both a European standard socket and a two-pin connector for DC charging. Thanks to this Combo plug, the New ZOE is able to charge quickly with a direct current (DC) up to 50 kW, simply by inserting the charging cable attached to the terminal into the two-pin connector that’s sited below the type 2 socket.

The standard type 2 cable provided with the car and the Caméléon charger are used for everyday AC charging use, such as at home with a Wallbox, at work, in the car park or on public roads using anything up to a 22kW supply.

When using a 7kW Wallbox the New ZOE can charge from 0 to 100 percent in 9 hours and 25 minutes. This ensures that a complete recharge can comfortably be achieved overnight. Around 190 miles of range can be achieved in just 8 hours.

Users charging their vehicle at home can also benefit from the programming options, adjusting their recharge to correspond with tariff fluctuations from their electricity supplier.

Plugging the ZOE into a public 22kW roadside charger can deliver a useful 78 miles of range in only one hour.

However, the fastest recharge times are achieved with the new 50kW DC charging option. Replenishing the battery in this way can add around 90 miles of range in as little as half an hour.

The new R135 100 kW motor delivers the equivalent of 135 PS and improved torque for faster acceleration and greater responsiveness.

The motor has 245 Nm of torque from zero rpm and drives through a single speed gearbox, helping the ZOE accelerate from 0 to 62mph in less than 10 seconds and onto a top speed of 87mph.

There’s also a new ‘e-shifter’ which replaces the old car’s mechanical gear lever with an electronic switch.

On a smartphone, the MY Renault application includes a variety of useful services to manage a car remotely, such as a remote check on the battery range and charging status. You can also plan charging during off-peak hours, start or schedule heating or air conditioning to reach the ideal temperature.

Another feature is the ability to pre-plan your journey with MY Renault. After entering your destination the app plots your route, including the most suitable charging points and, accounting for the recharge stops, the overall travel time.