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UK Government invests £70 million in rapid charging points

The Government has revealed that the number of rapid charging points for electric cars will double in the next five years, as part of new funding earmarked for green technologies. 

Motorists will be able to top up their electric vehicles at an additional 3,000 new rapid charge points by 2024, lifting the total across the UK to more than 5,000.

André ten Bloemendal, Vice President, Europe at ChargePoint, the world’s leading electric vehicle charging network, comments: “Today’s news that the government will be investing £70 million to create an additional 3,000 rapid charging stations throughout the UK is a step in the right direction for the EV industry. It is necessary to get this infrastructure in place to remove key logistical barriers to consumer adoption and make it easier for the public to adopt greener transport options. 

“However, more still needs to be done in regards to cross-industry collaboration to make current charging stations more accessible for drivers. The answer to this is a fully interoperable, peer-to-peer roaming solution and charging stations that are designed with integrated contactless payments and ease of use in mind.”

André adds that: 

• An open charging network is the future for the EV market: the future of EV charging is about the software and innovation that connects charging points to create a wider network.

• EV public transport is a priority: going green cannot be achieved through a purely ‘replace’ mindset, instead we need to encourage EV public transport and improved car share / short term lease options. 

• The physiological attitude to EVs: electric cars average about 200 miles on a single charge – this far exceeds the average most people drive in a day. The negative attitude towards EVs is mostly psychological.

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