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BMW 3 Series Touring

BMW 330e Touring available with rear-wheel drive or xDrive all-wheel drive

The plug-in hybrid BMW 330e Touring will be available from summer 2020 with rear-wheel drive or xDrive all-wheel drive – and xDrive will also be available on the BMW 330e Saloon.

The Saloon’s combined fuel consumption ranges from 176-201mpg and CO2 emissions of 37-32g/km. The Touring returns a combined fuel consumption from 176mpg, and combined CO2 emissions from 39g/km. All figures are provisional.

The lithium-ion high-voltage batteries feature the latest cell technology that promotes high energy content and enables the new 3 Series plug-in hybrid models to run on electrical power for a maximum range of between 34 to 36 miles (WLTP) free of local emissions.

With a BMW i Wallbox, these charging operations can be completed within 2.4 hours up to 80 per cent of the battery’s total capacity and 3.4 hours to achieve full capacity. 

The high-voltage battery can also be charged at conventional household sockets, using the standard charging cable. Using this method, the completely discharged battery can absorb 80 per cent of its total capacity within 4.2 hours while 5.7 hours is the estimated period required for a 100% recharge.

The plug-in hybrid system of the new BMW 330e Touring is comprised of a 2.0-litre 4-cylinder petrol engine with BMW TwinPower Turbo Technology and an output of 184hp, along with an electric motor integrated in the 8-speed Steptronic transmission, which generates a peak output of 113hp. The total system output of 252hp can be increased by an additional 40hp for up to 10 seconds to deliver a total of 292hp under especially high loads.

This standard XtraBoost is available in SPORT mode, which can be activated by the driving experience switch. The maximum system torque of the plug-in hybrid drive in the new BMW 330e Touring is 420Nm, it can accelerate from 0-62mph in 6.1 seconds (provisional figure) and its maximum speed is 136mph (provisional figure). 

In Hybrid mode the new BMW 330e Touring can reach up to 68mph when running on electric power alone. The combustion engine only switches on at higher speeds or when there are high load requirements.

When the Electric mode is activated with the eDrive button, the vehicle can reach speeds up to 87mph drawing on the power of its eDrive alone.

Two all-wheel-drive plug-in hybrid versions of the BMW 3 Series will also launch alongside the BMW 330e Touring. Featuring the same plug-in hybrid system as the rear-wheel drive models, the new BMW 330e xDrive Saloon returns a combined fuel consumption from 166mpg, and combined CO2 emissions from 38g/km (provisional figures).

The BMW 330e xDrive Touring combined fuel consumption is from 156mpg and combined CO2 emissions of 42g/km (provisional figures).

Power delivery from the electric motor and engine is combined with power transmission to all four wheels. 

The new BMW 330e xDrive Saloon accelerates from standstill to 62mph in 5.8 seconds, reaching a top speed of 139mph (provisional figures). The new BMW 330e xDrive Touring has a 0-62mph time of 6.2 seconds, achieving a maximum speed of 133mph (provisional figures).

This is the first time an electrified drive system will be available in BMW Touring models. Thanks to the space-saving arrangement of the high-voltage battery under the rear seat, the 330e Touring’s luggage compartment is only marginally smaller than in the combustion version; by folding down the rear 40:20 split backrest, storage space can be extended to up to 1,420 litres.

The permissible towing capacity for all plug-in hybrid models in the new BMW 3 Series will be 1500kg.

By the end of 2019, BMW had already sold half a million vehicles with purely electric or plug-in hybrid drive systems worldwide and this year, BMW Group will further expand its range of electrified vehicles. By the end of 2021, the BMW Group aims to have more than one million vehicles with electrified drive systems on the road. A quarter of the vehicles sold by the BMW Group in Europe will be electrified by 2021: this share will increase to a third by 2025 and to half by 2030. The BMW Group plans to expand its range to include 25 electrified models by 2023.