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Volkswagen ABT eTransporter Van

All-electric Volkswagen ABT eTransporter Van

The all-electric Volkswagen ABT eTransporter 6.1 Van is now on sale in the UK with a driving range of up to 82 miles and costing from £42,060 (excluding VAT). Pricing does not include the UK government Plug-in Van Grant (PiVG) (grant application is in progress).

Developed in collaboration with ABT e-Line, the ABT eTransporter 6.1 offers cargo space of 6.7m3. A charge from 0-80 per cent charge is possible in just 45 minutes.

The ABT eTransporter 6.1 delivers a maximum power output of 110PS (83kW) with a 0-62mph time of 17.4 seconds.

The compact battery is fitted underneath the load area to avoid compromising the cargo area of 6.7m3 and payload of up to 1,001kg.

The ABT eTransporter 6.1 features a modified dual clutch transmission (DSG). When Drive (‘D’) is selected, the motor will deliver 75% power to maximise range, with the kickdown function on the gear shift providing 100% power and torque, maximising performance.

The Combined Charging System (CCS) socket on the new ABT eTransporter 6.1 provides a flexible charging solution, combining the ability to charge via both AC and DC. This means you can use any device that has either a CCS (DC charging) or Type 2 (AC charging) plug type. A Type 2 charging cable is included with the vehicle as standard.

Rapid charging using a DC charger is the fastest way to charge the van. The new ABT eTransporter 6.1 supports up to 50kW DC charging using a CCS connector, which means the vehicle’s lithium-ion battery can achieve a charging state of 80 per cent within approximately 45 minutes.

The new ABT eTransporter 6.1 can support AC charging up to 7.2kW. This can be done by using a wallbox, which will charge the lithium-ion battery in approximately five and a half hours.

Pricing for the ABT eTransporter 6.1 Panel van starts from £42,060 (exc. VAT) with the Advance trim from £45,360 (exc. VAT). The kombi crew van and kombi crew van Advance are priced from £46,375 (exc. VAT) and £49,985 (exc. VAT), respectively.

With its zero-emission status, all variants of the ABT eTransporter 6.1 are exempt from road tax (VED) and afforded unrestricted access to the London Ultra Low Emission Zone and Clean Air Zones.

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