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Pricing for new Volkswagen ID.3 models starts below £30,000

Volkswagen has announced pricing for the seven pre-configured series ID.3 models. The lowest-priced of these models, the ID.3 Life, will cost £29,990 after the £3,000 plug-in car grant. Orders for the new models will open next week with first deliveries expected before the end of the month.

Six of the seven new models use the same 58 kWh battery and 204 PS motor as on the 1ST Edition, while the ID.3 Tour introduces the largest 77 kWh battery with an increased range of 336 miles (WLTP combined figure). Next year more accessible variants – with lower power outputs and the smallest 45 kWh battery – will go on sale.

The ID.3 Pro Performance (58 kWh battery and 204 PS motor) will be available in six specification levels: Life, Style, Business, Family, Tech and Max. At the top of the range, meanwhile, the four-seater ID.3 Pro S will have the largest battery fitted (77 kWh and 204 PS motor). This will be available only in Tour specification. 

Each of these trim levels comes with a pre-configured specification, built with a variety of option packages designed to suit different customer needs. This approach also enables the carbon-neutral factory in Zwickau, Germany, to build the cars faster.

All seven ID.3 models will feature LED headlights, Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Assist, Car2X, Natural Voice Control, parking sensors front and rear, and wheels at least 18 inches in diameter. In addition they all receive navigation with 10-inch touch screen, keyless start, Driver Profile Selection, climate control, interior alarm and the innovative ID.Light function. All ID.3s will also be capable of over-the-air software updates to ensure the vehicles have the latest infotainment and battery software. During Q1 2021 a free software update will enable wireless smartphone charging and App Connect in all ID.3 models.

The new specification levels are pre-configured with different option packages: there are five in total with each having an additional ‘Plus’ version. These are identified as Design, Infotainment, Comfort, Assistance and Sport.

The lowest-priced ID.3 Life model costs £29,990 and has two packages included, Infotainment and Comfort. It features cloth seats with integrated armrests and the interior is available solely in black.

The ID.3 Business benefits from more equipment and costs £33,720. It features four packages: Design, Infotainment, Comfort and Assistance.

The ID.3 Family costs £34,650, which adds to the Business specification with Design ‘Plus’, Infotainment, Comfort ‘Plus’ and Assistance packages.

The ID.3 Style costs £34,180 and has three packages: Design ‘Plus’, Infotainment and Comfort.

The ID.3 Tech majors on the latest advanced technology available for the ID.3 and has the Design ‘Plus’, Infotainment ‘Plus’, Comfort and Assistance ‘Plus’ packages. The ID.3 Tech comes in at £36,190.

The ID.3 Max is highly specified, and with ‘Plus’ versions of the Design, Infotainment, Comfort and Assistance packages, it is priced at £38,220. It also introduces the Sport package with progressive steering and sports suspension.

The ID.3 Tour, based on the Pro S with the 77 kWh battery for a range of almost 340 miles, costs £39,290 and carries the Design package and three ‘Plus’ packages: Infotainment, Comfort and Assistance.

While the specification is fixed on each ID.3 model, customers can choose from six exterior colours, three interior colour combinations, a number of wheel options and a list of extras including a heat pump, as well as various accessories such as a rear-mounted bike carrier.

Exterior colours offered are: Moonstone Grey, Makena Turquoise Metallic, Manganese Grey Metallic, Stonewashed Blue Metallic, Scale Silver Metallic and Glacier White Metallic. All ID.3s feature a contrasting black roof and bootlid.

All ID.3s, with the exception of the Tour model, ride on 18-inch ‘Aero’ steel wheels. Customers can upgrade their wheels to any of the following alloy options: 18-inch ‘East Derry’, 19-inch ‘Andoya’ also available in Penny Copper, or 20-inch ‘Sanya’. The ID.3 Tour has the 19-inch wheel as standard so can only be upgraded to the Penny Copper version or the 20-inch wheel.

Order books will open on 22 October and the first examples of these new ID.3 models are expected to arrive by the end of the month. Like the ID.3 1ST Edition, the series ID.3 cars will be delivered to customers net carbon-neutral.

ID.3 Pro Performance specifications (58 kWh and 204 PS)



263 miles range (WLTP, combined)



262 miles range (WLTP, combined)



260 miles range (WLTP, combined)



261 miles



260 miles



258 miles

ID.3 Pro S specifications (77 kWh and 204 PS)



336 miles

Charging performance                                         

Pro Performance

100 kW Charge rate (DC)

35 minutes 5% to 80% charge time (at DC rate)

180 miles range from 30 min rapid charge

9 hr 30 min 0-100% charge time (7.2 kW AC)

Pro S

125 kW Charge rate (DC)

38 minutes 5% to 80% charge time (at DC rate)

217 miles range from 30 min rapid charge

TBC 0-100% charge time (7.2 kW AC)