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DS 9 Plug-in Hybrid

DS 9 Plug-in Hybrid

The new DS 9 saloon is open for orders in the UK from 8th April with prices starting from £40,615.

The DS 9 will be offered with a new E-TENSE plug-in hybrid powertrain comprising a PureTech turbocharged petrol engine with an electric motor combined to deploy 225hp and capable of up to 33-34 miles (WLTP) in zero emissions mode courtesy of an 11.9kWh battery.

The electric motor, through an eight-speed automatic gearbox, can deploy maximum power of 80kW (110hp) and 320Nm. It is used for driving off from a standstill, boosting acceleration at any speed and for driving in zero emissions mode up to 84mph. 

Electric mode is always automatically selected on start-up to maximise efficiency. It is complemented by a Hybrid mode, designed to automatically control the different types of energy by driving 100% electric, 100% petrol or combining the two if the situation requires it.

An E-TENSE Sport mode gets the most out of the available power from the combined application of the combustion engine and electric motor by adjusting the mapping of the accelerator pedal, gearbox, steering and active suspension.

DS 9 utilises an energy recovery system that re-charges the battery in deceleration or brake phases, amplified with an enhanced Braking function selected by pulling back the gear selector and displayed as ‘B’. 

In addition, an E-Save function guarantees there’s always selected levels of battery-stored energy for Zero Emissions mode.

The 7.4kW on-board charger enables the battery to be charged in 1 hour 30 minutes from home or public charging points using the cable supplied as standard.

The line-up will come with two E-TENSE power units – the first with 225hp, two-wheel drive, and the second – a 360hp with an intelligent four-wheel drive capability.

A 225hp PureTech petrol engine model will also be available. All models are equipped with an eight-speed automatic gearbox.

The DS 9 is open for orders in the UK from 8th April, 2021. Prices start from £40,615.

Performance Line +

PureTech 225 (P) – £40,615

E-TENSE 225 (PHEV) – £46,100

Rivoli +

PureTech 225 (P) – £44,715

E-TENSE 225 (PHEV) – £49,200