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Fering Pioneer

Fering Pioneer has driving range of over 4000 miles

The Fering Pioneer is a new vehicle with a claimed range of up to 4,340 miles thanks to its range extender electric powertrain. The Pioneer is no bigger than a medium sized van, is lighter than a hatchback and has better carrying capacity than some trucks.

Power to the axles is provided by two electric motors, producing 600Nm of torque. A battery provides an electric-only range of around 50 miles before the range extender generator kicks in.

The Pioneer’s battery cells are Lithium Titanate Oxide cells which are designed to survive extreme weather conditions. The battery is supported by an 800cc 3-cylinder range extender combustion engine powered by biodiesel. By operating consistently at its most efficient level, the engine generates power to run the motors and charge the battery in normal driving. This means the battery can cover peak demands for power – such as hill climbing – using energy reserves which are then replenished while the vehicle is cruising, stationary or braking.

The Pioneer’s kerb weight is around 1,500kg – the same as a medium-sized hatchback – and it’s capable of carrying its own weight as a payload, with a 1,500kg capacity. All this is possible by using advanced materials – an aluminium spaceframe with composite elements, while the exterior panels are made of tough fabric.

The combination of light weight and an efficient powertrain results in fuel economy of around 50mpg with the batteries discharged.

With long-range tanks fitted, the Fering will be capable of driving for 4,340 miles, or 7,000km, without needing a fuel stop or recharging from the grid – ideal for expeditions. If such an extreme range isn’t needed, the fuel tanks can be swapped for water.

The Fering can be modified, for example with bigger batteries or different range extenders. The combination of a battery and generator also makes the Pioneer ideal for emergency service use, where electrically operated rescue equipment and lighting can be used in remote locations.

The Pioneer is not expected to have an ‘end of life’ which will require it to be disposed of and recycled. It is easy to repair and upgrade giving it an indefinite life span. Should it ever need to be recycled, there is far less material to recover than a comparable 4×4 vehicle or even a similar sized van.

The 22.5-inch rims accept standard size truck tyres to ensure easy availability in the remotest areas of the globe.

The first prototype Pioneer is already going through a rigorous testing process and being assessed by early customers and organisations. Series production will start in the UK during the first half of 2022.