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How to Switch to Electric Vehicles – Manchester event 14 & 15 September

Find out how businesses in Greater Manchester can save money by adopting EVs on their fleet

Road to Electric

University of Salford

14 & 15 September 2021

Two-day workshop includes:

• National Policy

Clean Air Zone for Greater Manchester

• The latest electric vehicles including presentations from new electric commercial vehicle manufacturers Volta Trucks and Arrival

• Case studies of switching fleets to electric

• EV charging

• Energy

• Business opportunities from EVs

About the event

The Greater Manchester Clean Air Zone will be introduced in 2022 and when fully implemented will see a daily charge for non-compliant commercial vehicles such as HGVs, buses, LGVs, taxis and private hire vehicles.

Looking further ahead, the Government has announced a ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars and vans in 2030. All this will result in an increased uptake of electric vehicles (EVs).

Combined with smart charging and smart buildings infrastructure, this will open up the potential for the future low carbon electricity grid. Combining these technologies with flexible agile tariffs also opens up the opportunity for cost savings for consumers. 

What do these changes mean for your business? What will be the costs and benefits of adopting EVs? What are the practical implications of switching to EVs?

The Energy House 2.0 facility at the University of Salford is running a free workshop that will address these questions. It is aimed at small and medium sized businesses in Greater Manchester, specifically:

• Fleet managers/operators

• Businesses involved in the sale and leasing of vehicles

• Trades persons

• Electrical contractors

• Consultants

The workshops will be facilitated by experts in their field and there will be the opportunity to view a range of electric vans and cars and charging points.

Tuesday 14th September 2021 (9:30-16:30)

Day 1: Electric Vehicles 

Welcome to the Energy House 2.0 Project

Will Swan, University of Salford

Keynote: Climate Change, Net Zero, Public Health

Mike Brown, University of Salford

EVs and the Road to Net Zero: Policy at UK level and at Greater Manchester level

Paul Clarke, Green Car Guide; Jason Smith, Transport for Greater Manchester

Greater Manchester Clean Air Zone

Sally Robinson, Transport for Greater Manchester

Economics of EVs

Mel Creedy, DriveElectric

Larger Commercial Vehicles

Duncan Forrester, Volta Trucks

Imogen Pierce, Arrival

Case Studies: Switching to EVs 

Bec Bennett, University of Salford

Keith Evans, Electricity North West

Akeem Badru, Driiive

Exhibition of vehicles and chargers

Wednesday 15th September 2021 (9:30-14:00)

Day 2: Electric Vehicle Charging and Infrastructure

Welcome and Introduction to the Energy House 2.0 Project

Nigel Blandford, University of Salford

Keynote: Electrifying our Energy

Jonny Sadler, Electricity North West

Charger types, the GM network and other potential innovations

Adrian Gray, be.EV

Installing Chargers: Practical Considerations

Esther Dudek, EA Technology

Installing Chargers: Electrical Specification

Sam Abbott, CENEX

Smart Tariffs and EVs

Claire Miller, Octopus Electric Vehicles

Tour of University facilities including the Energy House, Vehicle to Grid installation, Autonomous Vehicle Laboratory, Smart Meters Laboratory

The Energy House 2.0 facility at the University of Salford will be a unique facility for the testing and development of smart and low carbon buildings ( and will make a major contribution to national and regional net zero targets.

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NOTE: This workshop is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund and is open only to small and medium sized companies (<250 employees) located in Greater Manchester. There will be an opportunity for non-eligible businesses to view a live stream of the event. If you have any questions about your eligibility, please contact