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Volkswagen ID.Buzz

Volkswagen ID. Buzz and ID. Buzz Cargo

With a history that dates back to the T1 in the 1950s, the new all-electric Volkswagen ID. Buzz and ID. Buzz Cargo will be launched this autumn in Europe, with pre-sales starting in May.

The ID. Buzz and ID. Buzz Cargo are launching across Europe with a 77 kWh battery (gross energy content: 82 kWh). It provides current to a 150 kW electric motor, which drives the rear axle. The position of the battery, integrated deep down in the sandwich floor, and the lightweight electric drive system result in a low vehicle centre of gravity, helping to optimise the handling.

The lithium ion battery can be charged from wall boxes or public charging stations using 11 kW alternating current (AC). Via a CCS plug connector at a DC rapid-charging station (direct current) the charging power increases to as much as 170 kW. When charged in this way, the battery charge level rises from 5 to 80% in about 30 minutes. 

Using the latest ID. software, the model line will also offer the ‘Plug & Charge’ function in the future. Via this function, the ID. Buzz authenticates itself at compatible DC rapid-charging stations via the charging connector using the ISO 15118 standard. It also exchanges all necessary data with the charging station in this way.

Bidirectional charging enables the ID. Buzz to feed unneeded energy from the battery into the customer’s home network (Vehicle-to-Home). The power transfer and communication take place via a special DC bi-directional wall box.

The MPV version can seat five people with 1,121 litres of luggage capacity). If the second row of seats is folded down, the load capacity increases to up to 2,205 litres.

The ID. Buzz Cargo has 3.9 m3 of cargo space which can take two loaded euro pallets. Two or three front seats can be specified, and there’s a fixed partition separating off the cargo area.

The ID. Buzz and ID. Buzz Cargo are 4,712mm  long, with a wheelbase of 2,988mm, and both have a tight turning circle of 11.1 metres.

The ID. Buzz is very aerodynamic, with Volkswagen claiming that it’s the first MPV with the drag coefficient of a car: 0.285 – reducing energy consumption and increasing range.