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AES Charge

AES Charge offers the best-in-class domestic EV charger installation service. AES Charge has over 20 years of experience within the electrical contracting sector and over 10 years of experience within the utilities installations sector. 

Included in the standard installation price is your initial survey, utility grade isolator (ensuring you don’t need to involve your energy supplier in your EV charger installation), installation of the charger, the charger itself and help and advice in using your charger on-site. 

AES Charge’s directly employed engineers are trained to the highest utility standards giving them the ability to complete your install in a single visit.  Rely on AES Charge to complete your job on-time in one installation session ensuring you don’t spend weeks waiting for multiple visits from your energy supplier and your electrician.

With AES Charge’s years of expertise, all EV chargers have been assessed by their in-house technical team and only the best quality chargers have been selected for you, the customer to choose.  AES Charge stands by their 3 year parts and labour warranty to give you peace of mind for the future.


Charger Features

Charging Capacity7.4kW7.4kW7kW
Dimensions256 x 193 106 mm170 x 200 x 100 mm325 x 181 x 87 mm
Cable Cost£288IncludedIncluded
Solar CompatibleYes (With CT Clamp)Yes (With CT Clamp)
Integrated PEN ProtectionYesYesYes
Type A/B RCD ProtectionType BType A 6 ma DCType B
Communication4G, Wifi3G/4GWifi
Free SIM CardUnlimitedUnlimitedNo, Optional Extra
Dynamic Load BalancingYes (Optional Extra)Yes (Optional Extra)Yes (Optional CT Clamp)
Remote Firmware UpdatesYesYesYes
Screen On UnitYes

App Features

Start/Stop ChargingYesYesYes (via Monta)
Create SchedulesYesYesYes (via Monta)
Charge Rate During ChargingYesYesYes (via Monta)
Charging Session HistoryYesYesYes (via Monta)
Setting Price Cap for ChargingYesYes (via Monta)
API into Car ManufacturingYesYes (via Monta)

*Please includes standard installation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do electric cars have enough range for me?

Yes – new electric cars have ranges of up to 300 miles or more on a single charge.

Are electric cars more expensive?

Currently electric cars are more expensive to buy, but are cheaper to run, as the fuel costs (electricity) are cheaper than petrol and the maintenance costs are less.

Where can I charge my electric car?

Home Charging – with a purchase of a charger and installation through AES
Public charging or roaming – Available via services such as Zapmap
Work charging – many employers are now ‘going electric’ and have dedicated parking spots for electric car charging so contact your employer for more details.

Why should I buy a charger to charge my car at home?

If you buy a charger through AES, you can charge at 3x as fast as from a three pin plug, ensuring your car is charged overnight. Also, with smart charging, you can sign up to a specific electric car tariff here which allows cheaper electricity rates for your electric car overnight.

What does smart charging mean?

Your charger is connected to the internet (through Wi-Fi, ethernet cable or a sim card) and you can control your charging habits, either through an app or in some cases directly on the unit. This means you can charge at cheaper times, when it most suits you, or when the carbon impact is the lowest, or a combination of all three.