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Ford E-Transit Custom

Ford E-Transit Custom will have 236-mile electric range

The all-electric Ford E-Transit has now sold more than 8,300 units, and the all-new, all-electric Ford E-Transit Custom is due to start production in autumn 2023.

The Ford E-Transit Custom is due to have an electric driving range of up to 236 miles, 125 kW rapid charging, a payload up to 1,100 kg, and a 2,000 kg towing capacity.

As a panel van, the E-Transit Custom offers load volumes from 5.8 to 9.0m3, with payload up to 1,100kg and a maximum load length of 3,450mm. Double-cab-in-van and kombi body styles are also available, all with a choice of short or long wheelbase and low or high roof.

The E-Transit Custom has a 74 kWh useable battery pack with 82Ah pouch cells shared with the Ford F-150 Lightning to deliver 12 per cent more energy density than the E Transit. The battery enables a targeted range of up to 236 miles – over four times the average one-tonne van driver’s daily mileage, according to Ford Pro customer data.

Customers can choose from 100 kW or 160 kW (135 PS or 217 PS) motor power outputs to suit their needs, each offering 415Nm of torque. 

E-Transit Custom owners will benefit from the tailored features of Ford Pro E Telematics – complimentary for one year – which use live data to help operators monitor the location, efficiency and health of their vehicles for maximum productivity.

The software also supports optimised charging strategies with EV-specific insights such as charging status, state of charge, and remaining range with customisable Low Range alert thresholds. Owners can also programme the E-Transit Custom’s battery and cab to be warmed or cooled before work with Scheduled Pre Conditioning to conserve energy for optimum range.

The E-Transit Custom is the first-ever electric vehicle to use vapour-injected heat pump technology to heat and cool the cabin, fitted as standard to all vehicles. This new system is designed to deliver improved energy efficiency for optimum driving range.

The E-Transit Custom features an energy-efficient braking system with one-pedal drive capability. The system blends friction braking with regenerative braking that harvests energy during deceleration to top up the battery for extra driving range. Drivers can stop the van without using the brake pedal when in one-pedal drive mode.

Using Ford Pro Charging’s software, drivers can make sure they schedule charging during cheaper overnight rates where available to help further reduce cost of ownership and ease operating stress.

The E-Transit Custom’s 11 kW AC three-phase onboard charger is capable of fully recharging the battery in 7.8 hours, so customers will be able recharge overnight after a shift. They can track current charge state on-the-go using the FordPass Pro smartphone app.

The E-Transit Custom also supports DC fast charging up to 125kW for a 15-80 per cent recharge in 41 minutes. A new charge profile front-loads the energy to enable quick, useful top-ups; in lab testing, the system delivered almost 24 miles of range in just 5 minutes using a 125kW charger.

Ford Pro customers can access the Blue Oval Charging Network – Europe’s largest, with over 300,000 chargers and growing – and every E Transit Custom is sold with a 12-month complimentary subscription to access public charging via the Blue Oval Charging Network.

Just as on E-Transit, ProPower Onboard is available to deliver up to 2.3kW through sockets in the cab and load area to power tools, lights and devices using the vehicle’s high-voltage battery while driving or at a work site.

More than 30 separate modules are capable of receiving remote Ford Power-Up updates. These can help improve vehicle performance, deliver quality upgrades, update existing features and add all-new functions and capabilities. Most updates are completed in under two minutes and can be scheduled to avoid downtime. 

An eight-year, 100,000 miles warranty covers all high-voltage components, offering peace of mind for outright buyers and optimum residual values for lease customers and those who de-fleet before eight years of ownership.

The E-Transit Custom’s cab has 5G connectivity and a flexible workspace including smart features like a steering wheel that folds to become an ergonomic holder for laptops and tablets.

The new tilting steering wheel headlines the Mobile Office option pack and is capable of becoming an ergonomic stand for tablets and laptops as well as a flat-topped table to make writing and lunch breaks more comfortable. The pack also includes dimmable LED lighting to illuminate the tilted steering wheel area, an additional dome light in the roof and storage between the seats for documents and devices.