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MINI Electric Convertible

MINI Electric Convertible on sale in April but only 150 cars for the UK

The MINI Electric Convertible will go on sale from April 2023, but only 150 cars will be available in the UK, out of a limited run of 999 cars for Europe.

The MINI Electric Convertible will have a ‘fixed specification’ and will be priced at £52,500. It will come with just two colour options, ‘Enigmatic Black’ or ‘White Silver’.

With a WLTP range of 124 miles, the MINI Electric Convertible’s 184hp electric motor delivers a 0-62 mph time of 8.2 seconds. Boot space remains unchanged at 160 litres, and the convertible has heated seats and heated steering wheel.

The MINI Electric Convertible features 17-inch alloy wheels which are made from 100 per cent secondary aluminium, produced with green electricity, which significantly reduces CO2 emissions compared to conventional manufacturing processes.

The MINI Electric was launched three years ago and today one in five MINI models sold in Europe is an all-electric MINI.