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BMW i5

BMW i5 production to start in 2023

Production of the all-electric BMW i5 will start in late 2023.

The BMW i5 has been tested in winter conditions over the last 12 months. A camouflaged BMW i5 prototype was driven from Munich to Denmark, then on to the edge of the Arctic Circle in Lapland to BMW Group’s winter test centre at Arjeplog, northern Sweden in February 2022 – a trip that took five days.

The journey of around 1,850 miles provided an opportunity to test the i5’s motors, power electronics, high-voltage battery and integrated heating and cooling system for the cabin and battery pack. Fifth-generation BMW eDrive technology, including thermal management, has been further upgraded for the i5.

The snow-covered roads and frozen lakes of northern Sweden, with their vast expanses of ice, allowed the engineers to explore how the chassis components, steering and braking systems, and driving dynamic and driving stability systems all interact with one another in extreme outdoor conditions.

Further testing of the BMW i5 was carried out during 2022 in the foothills of the Alps, around Munich and BMW Group Plant Dingolfing, as well as at other BMW Group test facilities.

BMW’s aim from all the testing was to ensure that the i5 exhibits the brand’s usual sporty handling as well as high levels of traction and stability.