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Hyundai KONA Electric

New Hyundai KONA Electric has 304-mile range

The Hyundai KONA Electric was one of our favourite electric cars when it went on sale in the UK in 2018, because it offered a range of almost 300 miles for around £30,000.

There’s now a new Hyundai KONA Electric, and it’s grown in size: it’s 175mm longer than the original model, as well as being wider, taller, and having a longer wheelbase. It has a 466-litre boot and 27 litres of storage space in the ‘frunk’ (‘front trunk’).        

The electric driving range has also increased, but only marginally: the outgoing KONA Electric had a range of 300 miles, the new ‘long range’ model with a 65.4kWh battery is expected to have a range of 304 miles. There will also be a ‘standard range’ model with a 48.4kWh battery.

The KONA Electric has battery preconditioning which should help to provide more driving range. An interesting new innovation is a ‘frozen charge door prevention system’ which aims to ensure the charging socket can still be opened in freezing weather conditions. There’s also a light in the charging socket, which should be a standard feature in all EVs.

If you don’t like the fact that EVs don’t make any noise, you’ll be pleased to know that the new KONA Electric features Electronic-Active Sound Design (e-ASD) which creates a virtual sound when driving.

The KONA Electric gains Vehicle-to-Load (V2L) technology, both in the car with a plug socket, and outside of the car, via an adaptor for the charging socket. This allows the KONA to power items of electrical equipment.

In the interior, the gear selector has moved from the centre console to behind the steering wheel; this frees up more space between the front seats for storage. The KONA’s features can be updated thanks to continuous Over-the-Air (OTA) software updates.

Traditionally new cars have been designed around ICE powertrains, with adaptations made for EVs. However the new KONA has been designed initially around the Electric model, with adaptations made for the ICE versions.

The new Hyundai KONA Electric is available in a wide range of colours: Abyss Black Pearl, Atlas White, Serenity White Pearl, Shimmering Silver Metallic, Cyber Gray Metallic, Ecotronic Gray Pearl, Engine Red, Ultimate Red Metallic, Soultronic Orange Pearl, Jupiter Orange Metallic, Mirage Green, Amazon Gray Metallic, Cypress Green Pearl, Meta Blue Pearl, Denim Blue Pearl and Sailing Blue Pearl.

The new KONA Electric will go on sale in 2023. Hyundai is due to bring 11 new EVs to market by 2030.