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Dacia Spring

Dacia Spring, Europe’s most affordable electric car, is coming to the UK

The Dacia Spring has been on sale in Europe since 2011, where it enjoys the title of the most affordable electric car, and Dacia has announced that it’s coming to the UK in 2024.

The Spring is currently on sale in Europe from 20,800 Euros in France, which is around £18,000. Dacia says that the UK will get an updated version of the Spring, but we’re hoping that it will still be priced below £20,000.

The Dacia Spring currently has a 26.8 kWh lithium battery and a range of 140 miles. It only has a maximum DC charging speed of 34 kW – let’s hope this is improved for the UK model.

It also has an electric motor with a relatively low power output, just 33 kW (44 PS), which results in a 0-62 mph time of 19.1 seconds – despite the very low kerb weight of 970 kg.

The Dacia Spring has five-doors, but just four seats, and a 300-litre boot, along with slightly raised suspension.

There have been over 120,000 customer orders since the Spring’s introduction in 2021. Three quarters of all sales have been to retail customers. Dacia says that although the Spring is often purchased as a household’s second car, it’s the main means of transport during the week for 90% of multiple-vehicle households who own one.

Data collected from the Spring shows that on average, customers’ daily commutes are under 20 miles, and are done at 16 mph. And in 75% of cases, the Spring is charged at home for an average duration of 3.5 hours.

Full details of the Dacia Spring for the UK market, including timings, pricing and specification, will be announced in 2024. 

The Dacia Sandero has been the best-selling retail car in Europe each year since 2017, and the Dacia Duster has been the best-selling SUV to European private customers since 2018.