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Hyundai KONA Electric

New Hyundai KONA Electric from £34,995

Prices for the new Hyundai KONA Electric start from £34,995, with two battery sizes available.

The KONA Electric has a driving range of up to 319 miles from the 65 kWh long range battery, and a standard 48 kWh battery is also available.

There are four trim levels: Advance, N Line, N Line S and Ultimate. The 65 kWh battery is available in all trim levels; the 48 kWh battery is only available with the Advance trim level.

The new KONA model is 145mm longer (now measuring 4,350mm in length), with a 60mm longer wheelbase. This results in a bigger boot, which is now 466 litres rather than the 332 litres of the previous Hyundai Kona model (or 1,300 litres v 1,114 litres with the rear seats folded). There’s also an increase in rear legroom of 77mm.

The standard range 48.4 kWh powertrain option provides 156PS of power and 255Nm of torque, with the long range 65.4 kWh powertrain offering 218PS and 255Nm. The new KONA Electric also provides faster charging options, with an improved DC rapid charging capability of 102.3 kW compared to the previous generation’s 75 kW maximum. There’s an on-board 10.5 kW AC charger.

All new KONA models get a heat pump as standard, which should result in cabin heating in cold weather having less of an impact on the car’s range.

The new KONA Electric’s Advance trim level is priced from £34,995 for the 48 kWh battery. Ultimate trims start from £43,095 for the 65 kWh battery. N Line trim prices start from £40,395 for the N Line 65 kWh, and N Line S prices start from £43,095 for the N Line S 65 kWh.