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DriveElectric Running Out Of Time 2023 Support Vehicle

Running Out of Time 2023 completes 1,650 miles from Ben Nevis to Big Ben with help from DriveElectric

Starting on 10 June 2023 over 5,000 people ran, walked, wheeled, swam, paddled, cycled, skied, surfed and hiked 1,650 miles from Ben Nevis to Big Ben, passing a baton mile after mile, day after day, for 32 days, as part of Running Out of Time 2023.

For the finale, hundreds of relay runners, walkers and wheelers arrived at Big Ben to send a message to government at precisely 20:30 on 11 July to draw attention to the 2030 Net Zero targets and how we’re running out of time to achieve them. They called on those in Parliament to help communities reduce emissions, protect and restore nature, and support people in the transition away from fossil fuels.

DriveElectric was the official electric vehicle sponsor for Running Out of Time 2023, supporting the event with an all-electric Nissan Ariya. The Support Crew and the Ariya spent 32 consecutive days following the relay over 366 stages, making sure the relay kept moving. The Ariya carried out all sorts of back-up duties for the event, from carrying bikes to transporting ultra-runners to their start lines, covering 1,650 miles in near-silence, and of course with zero tailpipe emissions.

Dan Thompson, Director, Running Out of Time 2023, said: “A huge thank you to all involved in Running Out of Time 2023, including DriveElectric for sponsoring the support vehicle, which played a vital role, fondly becoming the fourth crew member and an iconic part of the relay. Thousands of people across the country applauded the arrival of the crew and vehicle to their project, school or relay stage. An ever-present part of the event, the relay wouldn’t have been possible without this incredibly reliable EV.”

Mike Potter, Managing Director of DriveElectric, added: “Running Out of Time has succeeded in engaging with a huge variety of people and organisations over the last 32 days all around the UK, raising awareness that we all need to take accelerated action to achieve Net Zero. DriveElectric is delighted to have been able to support Running Out of Time, and we’ll continue to make the biggest impact we can by helping people make the move to electric vehicles and renewable energy.”

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