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All new Nissan cars in Europe will be EVs by 2030

Rishi Sunak may have delayed the end of petrol and diesel new car sales from 2030 to 2035, but Nissan says that it is sticking with the 2030 date, by which time all its new cars in Europe will be fully electric.

To help make this happen, Nissan is introducing 19 EVs by 2030 globally. Two future Nissan EVs have already been confirmed for Europe, including an all-new compact EV which will succeed the Nissan Micra as the brand’s entry-level vehicle. The other vehicle will be built at Nissan’s UK plant in Sunderland, as part of the £1bn EV36Zero project, bringing together EV manufacturing, battery production and renewable energy. Sunderland already has a battery gigafactory, which is currently being expanded.

The company has also confirmed that every new Nissan model in Europe will be 100% electric from now.

More than a million people have already bought Nissan electric vehicles globally, with a third being sold in Europe. Today EVs represent 16% of Nissan’s total sales in Europe, part of a total ‘electrified’ sales mix of 50% (which includes cars with Nissan’s e-POWER technology), which in the coming three years is expected to rise to 98%.