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Lotus Emeya

Lotus Emeya electric four-door ‘hyper-GT’ unveiled

The electric Lotus Eletre ‘Hyper-SUV’ has barely hit UK roads, yet an electric four-door ‘hyper-GT’ has also now been unveiled, the ‘Emeya’, with production due to start in 2024.

The statistics are impressive: a power output of 905 hp and 985 Nm of torque help to result in a top speed of 159 mph and a 0-62 mph acceleration time of 2.78 seconds for the top of the range dual motor model.

Lotus says that details of the Emeya’s driving range are to be confirmed, but you can expect it be at least as good as that of the Eletre SUV, ie. around 373 miles for the Eletre S from its 109 kWh battery (usable capacity).

The Emeya uses 800V battery technology with ‘Advanced Lotus Hyper Charging’, allowing it to charge to 80% within 18 minutes and add 93 miles of range in around five minutes using a 350 kW DC ultra-rapid charger.

The Emeya features aerodynamic technology such as an active front grille, rear diffuser, rear spoiler and a ‘hyperstance’ low centre of gravity, together with 50:50 weight distribution.

Electronically-controlled air suspension features onboard sensors which feel the road 1,000 times a second and automatically adjust the vehicle to provide the best ride quality.

The Emeya’s interior has a five-seater configuration as standard, with a four-seat option available.

Lotus is owned by Geely Holding Group and the Emeya will be manufactured in China.

Further information about the Lotus Emeya will be released from October 2023.