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New electric BMW iX2

The BMW iX2 is an all-new electric model due in showrooms in March 2024; the BMW iX2 xDrive30 M Sport will be priced from £56,540.

A 64.8kWh battery delivers a WLTP combined driving range of 266 miles. The iX2 xDrive30 M Sport has two electric motors which produce 313hp of power (including temporary boost) and 494Nm of torque. This results in a 0 to 62mph acceleration time of 5.6 seconds.

The BMW iX2 can rapid charge at up to 130kW DC, when a 10% to 80% charge could take as little as 29 minutes.

‘Max Performance Charging’ software makes the rapid charging drop-off rate smoother rather than stepped, and allows charging to be at the maximum rate until the battery is 50 per cent charged.

The BMW iX2 can AC charge at up to 11kW, allowing a 0% to 100% charge in 6.5 hours, although there’s the option for three-phase 22kW AC charging, which reduces the charging time to 3 hours 45 minutes.

The iX2 can use the Plug & Charge function which means that when using public charging, digital authentication via an app or charging card is no longer required and, instead, the vehicle authenticates itself.

A new MAX RANGE function restricts drive power, top speed and comfort functions, allowing range to be increased by up to 25 per cent.

The side profile of the iX2, with its fastback rear roofline, more closely resembles the current BMW X4 than the X2. The traditional BMW kidney grille has become more angular rather than kidney-shaped.

The iX2 has five full-size seats and a boot capacity of 525 litres, or 1,400 litres with the rear seats folded. It also has a towing capacity of 1,200kg.

The carbon footprint of the BMW iX2 is due to be around 30 per cent lower than that of the new BMW X2 sDrive20i when charged using the current EU electricity mix, or if renewable power is used for charging, its footprint is expected to be around 60 per cent lower.