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Nissan Hyper Force concept

Nissan GT-R goes electric

The Nissan GT-R is going all-electric, and its design has been previewed by the Nissan Hyper Force concept.

The Hyper Force high-performance supercar features an all-solid-state battery, which is more suitable for rapid charging and discharging, as well as providing a longer range, at lower cost.

The Hyper Force’s electric motors can produce an output up to 1,000 kW, which is delivered through Nissan’s e-4ORCE all-wheel control technology. The powertrain is combined with a lightweight body featuring high-strength carbon, together with advanced aerodynamics, developed together with the NISMO racing team, which helps to create powerful downforce.

The concept features two driving modes, ‘GT’ (grand touring) and ‘R’ (racing). Although the Nissan Hyper Force is designed as a car to be physically driven on road and track, when the car is stopped it can also be used to take part in a gaming experience, racing against others on real-world tracks using a virtual reality helmet, with the aim of drivers honing their racing skills.