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Fully Charged’s ‘Big’ Survey Offers Real-Life Experiences of Electric Vehicle Drivers

In 2023, electric vehicles, as well as clean energy technologies, have become highly charged and emotive subjects, fuelled by a surge of misinformation in the mainstream media.
The well-established (since 2010) YouTube channel, the Fully Charged SHOW, teamed up with progressive UK energy provider OVO, to survey existing and prospective electric vehicle drivers.
With more than 6,000 global respondents to 90 questions in 3 days, the quantity and quality of data makes Fully Charged’s ‘BIG’ SURVEY the most comprehensive of its type anywhere in the world.
Dan Caesar, CEO of the Fully Charged SHOW had this to say: “With more than 1 million subscribers worldwide, this survey gives voice to the lived experience of electric vehicle drivers, and to those that are on the cusp of purchasing one. It also amplifies the realities of energy-savvy consumers that already own technologies like solar, batteries or heat pumps or again are looking to do so. This incredibly powerful information offers insights that should form the basis of any strategy to communicate with this emergent market of prosumers, as we move towards mainstream adoption of all of the above.

“There are two things that struck us above all when we studied the results of this survey in full. Firstly, that the ‘real-life’ experience of these technologies is a positive one, that goes against mainstream coverage; for example more than 9 out of 10 battery electric vehicle drivers will never return to combustion engine vehicles. And secondly, we are witnessing the rise of a consumer that is, in the absence of alternatives, getting its information from digital platforms, such as YouTube, and not from traditional platforms like press and TV. This more technologically progressive consumer is the one most likely to switch to a battery electric vehicle or to a cleaner energy source, and is, as word of mouth spreads, multiplying at a rapid rate.”
Alex Thwaites, Director of EVs at OVO added, “We’re proud to support Fully Charged LIVE and encourage more households across the UK to start their zero carbon living journey. At OVO we want to make it as easy as possible for consumers to make the switch to EVs, heat pumps and solar to cut costs and carbon. We’ve already helped thousands of people switch to greener tech and save money and hope to help millions more.”
Key information gathered includes: 

  • Survey received 6,196 responses in just 3 days
  • 62% of respondents said Fully Charged/Everything Electric had influenced their switch to electric with 10% saying ‘not yet’
  • 54% of respondents were aged 45-64
  • 23% stated that they are employed in the technology sector
  • In terms of wealth, 73% of respondents indicated they has a medium to high disposable income
  • 65% confirmed that they owned their current vehicle outright rather than via a personal or business lease
  • 42% have owned their battery electric vehicle for 0-3 years and 19% for 5+ years
  • When asked about topics of interest, electric vehicles and home energy were almost equally at 95% and 91%
  • Looking at when respondents first got a battery electric vehicle, 17% answered 2022 and 16% 2023 and for those without one, 56% said they would get one by 2025
  • For those who cannot charge at home, 54% are still very satisfied with owning a battery electric vehicle (with an additional 32% saying satisfied) rising to 94% being very satisfied if they could charge at home (an additional 6% saying satisfied)
  • Only 9% of respondents said they intend to own a combustion engine vehicle in the future
  • 64% said they would like to be able to test drive multiple battery electric vehicles before making an investment with 22% saying Fully Charged/Everything Electric is their preferred place to do this
  • For their next battery electric vehicle, 59% intend to get new, with 41% intending to opt for a used vehicle
  • A whopping 92% said the shift to a battery electric vehicle has, or could, make them choose a different brand to those they have historically preferred
  • When it came to the home, 93% of respondents were interested in improving their use of energy and 90% in improving their energy storage
  • 51% intend to invest in home energy technologies in 23/24