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Honda 0 Series Saloon

Honda 0 Series EV concept models, Saloon and Space-Hub

Honda has unveiled the ‘Honda 0 Series’, a new EV series for global markets, starting with the launch of the Saloon and Space-Hub.

In 2026, Honda will begin introducing the first model of the Honda 0 Series globally, starting with North America, then Japan, Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East and South America.

Honda says that its new approach to EV development is summarised by the phrase “Thin, Light, and Wise”, reflecting aerodynamic performance, light weight, and software-defined mobility products.

The Saloon is the flagship concept model of the Honda 0 Series, which embodies the “Thin, Light, and Wise” approach, with low height, sporty styling and steer-by-wire. The Space-Hub offers a flexible space and excellent visibility.

For the 0 Series models to be launched in the second half of the 2020s, the time for a 15% to 80% charge will be shortened to around 10-15 minutes.

Honda is also striving to limit the degradation of battery capacity to less than 10% after 10 years of use.

A new “H mark” will be used on next-generation Honda EVs, including the Honda 0 Series models. The current “H mark” dates back to 1981 when it was renewed from the previous version.