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Range Rover Evoque P300e

7 Security Tips To Protect Your Land Rover From Any Kind Of Theft

The latest Land Rover model range includes increasing numbers of electrified variants, but the brand’s vehicles are a common target for car thieves, so what can you do to protect your Land Rover from theft?

Installing a tracking device, steering lock or engine immobiliser, parking your Land Rover at a safe spot and always keeping your key fob protected, are all things that can help prevent your Land Rover from being stolen.

Range Rovers are some of the most stolen vehicles. The older ones, especially since they are not technologically advanced like the newer models, have low-tech security systems.

Production of the classic Defender stopped in 2016 and has been on the radar for many thieves, just like other classic models. It takes very little time for professional thieves to dismantle and salvage it for parts.

To stop the theft of your precious Land Rover, you should take some of these preventive measures.

1. Install A Tracking Device

Whenever a vehicle gets stolen, it does not directly go to the thief’s property; instead, it is parked elsewhere.

Thieves will not reveal their hideout location and risk getting found by the car’s tracking device.

Having a tracking device also buys you more time to get back your Land Rover in one piece. You can contact the Police and provide them with accurate information.

Tech-savvy thieves are always finding new and improved ways to steal expensive cars. Stolen cars are also shipped to a different country overseas within the next 24 hours.

A high-quality Range Rover GPS tracker provides S7 tracking systems that offer 24 hours monitoring and send distress signals to police if any theft attempt is detected. This way, you will always be one step ahead of the thief.

2. Keep Your Vehicle Locked At All Times

Keeping your Land Rover locked may sound obvious, but still, sometimes, we might forget to physically lock our cars because many newer models are keyless systems and work with a button’s push.

One common mistake many people make is that they press the key fob in a direction away from the vehicle after getting out of the car and do not double-check.

This means the signal does not go to the car and the doors stay unlocked. If someone opens it in that state, even the alarm will not go off.

You can easily prevent this by just trying out the handle after you locked it to make sure it is properly locked or just wait for the lights to flash, which shows that it is now locked. A little bit of carefulness can help you a long way.

3. Park In A Well-lit Spot

Parking in a dark and shady alley is likely to attract more thieves. Always remember to park in a well-lit street or spot. Check for security cameras to be extra secure.

Make sure it is a public space with lots of passers-by. If you have a garage, then do not park it in the street even if you are in a hurry.

4. Keep Your Personal Belongings Hidden

It’s best not to leave anything in the car once you are out of it. Expensive objects that can easily be seen will grab more attention. This includes music devices and other Satnav or GPS devices.

You can make sure you don’t leave any personal and expensive belongings like jackets or purses behind. Even if you leave it, at least hide it so someone can’t see them through the window.

5.  A Sturdy Steering Wheel Lock

A good old-fashioned steering wheel lock can be extremely handy. It offers an extra layer of protection and makes sure that even if the thief is tech-savvy, he will still have difficulty unlocking this.

Whatever he does, there will be noise when trying to force these things open. The sturdier the lock, the better.

These tips also apply to electric cars. Steering wheel locks can’t be hacked by computers, making them an effective option to enhance safety.

6. Consider An Immobiliser

There are plenty of immobilisers out there that can make a thief’s work extremely difficult and sometimes impossible. There are hidden switches for older models that you can use to make sure the engine does not turn on.

New models like the Land Rover Defender Hybrid have advanced engine immobilisers that work wirelessly through remote signals.

7. Keep Your Key Fob Safe

Tech-savvy thieves are now performing relay attacks. These are mostly two-person attacks where one retrieves the signal from your key fob, and the other receives that signal and quickly unlocks your car.

This is the newest form of theft, and it is rising at a rapid rate. They use high-tech devices first to steal the signal from your key fob. These devices can catch signals up to 100 feet away; the signal is then relayed back to your car and hacked to unlock the car.

The best way to prevent this will be to keep your fob at a safe distance. If you are at home, make sure the fob is far away from the window, this makes the signal hard to relay.

You can also block the signal by storing your fob in a metal Faraday pouch. The pouch will act as a force field and prevent any signal transmission.

Some other things you should consider about your car keys are:

  • Press the lock button twice to make sure the deadlocks are correctly activated.
  • Contact your retailer to know about the number of keys programmed for your Land Rover.
  • Be extra careful when handing your key over to third parties.
  • If you ever lose your keys, contact the retailer immediately.
  • Have your keys re-calibrated if you bought a second-hand Land Rover.

Final Thoughts

Land Rovers are expensive, and their parts are always in high demand in the second-hand parts market, making these extra-lucrative. Consider the tips mentioned above to make sure you can prevent your Land Rover from any kind of theft. It is best always to take preventive measures beforehand.