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Exploring the Environmental Impacts of Car Shipping

How does car shipping impact the environment, and how can we change the current methods to begin reducing the carbon footprint of a necessary endeavour that the world relies on?

Below we’ll go into a few methods of how car transportation services can reduce their environmental impact and start going green, starting today.

5 Ways Car Transport Companies Can Turn Green

  1. Electric vehicles

Electric vehicles are going to be the best way for transport companies to start turning green. With big rig trucks being able to be charged along interstates all along the USA, it’s going to eventually become the standard of the industry.

Electric semi-trucks are capable of going 500 miles without a charge, which is a great way to ship vehicles from state to state. The issue however is longer drives, where truckers need to meet their deadlines.

While it isn’t entirely feasible for big rigs to rely on electricity, it is entirely possible to utilise a combination of gas and electricity to help reduce any gas waste, and environmental impact. With the future becoming brighter with tons of research and development into electric transport, it isn’t entirely unfeasible for semis to be able to go coast to coast on a single charge.

  1. Working remotely 

Car transport companies can often have multiple employees and thus would require an office. The commute of the employees can add to the gas being used, and thus, being a net negative on the environment.

With working from home becoming the new norm, closing down the physical office is going to be an option with how the world is today. It cuts down on cost for the companies as well, as they no longer need physical offices.

Thankfully, today, most transport companies are mainly online facing a crew that works together, and then the leads are often sold to the delivery drivers. It’s a small change that can go a long way.

  1. Consolidate shipping

Another great way for transport companies to reduce their footprint is to consolidate shipping. Not only is it more efficient for the business leading to higher profits, it’s going to reduce the amount of gas used to transport said vehicles.

Now this isn’t always possible, but with careful planning, it’ll end up being a huge energy saving throughout the year. Customers can be given an option for a discount to wait a longer time if they aren’t in a hurry so their vehicle can be shipped together with many other vehicles.

With open trailers being able to haul up to 12 cars depending on the type, it’s important that every space on the carrier is accounted for, otherwise there is gas that is being used that could be used to haul another vehicle.

  1. Offer discounts for open trailer shipping

A1 Auto Transport Marketing Director Joe Webster states: “While enclosed shipping trailers are great for 2-3 cars at a time, it does mean that there is way more energy waste compared to open trailers. While some may want to go with enclosed trailers for safety for their expensive vehicles, offering a discount on open trailers can lead to more people going with the green option”.

Enclosed trailers are great for any vehicle that needs to be protected or doesn’t function. Open trailers can carry around 12 vehicles, so filling them up is going to result in a greener environment. 

  1. Get certified

Another way to prove your green efficiency is by getting ISO 14001 certified. These certifications will let potential customers understand that the company in question has been reviewed by a third party and can verify that they do meet the environmental standards that they claim.

Having certifications can be a great way for consumers to verify which vehicle transport company is worth going over, compared to ones that “claim” they’re green but don’t actually put in the effort to document how they are saving the Earth.


In today’s eco-conscious world, the environmental impacts of industries, including car transportation, cannot be overlooked. A1 Auto Transport’s green initiatives outlined on illuminate the path towards a sustainable future for this sector. Adopting electric vehicles, even if hybridised with conventional fuels, presents a promising leap towards minimising carbon emissions. To know more about A1 Auto Transport, you can check out their website to see how they operate. 

Encouraging remote work reduces commuter-related emissions, while consolidated shipping enhances efficiency, reducing both operational costs and environmental impacts. Additionally, promoting the use of open trailers, which carry a greater number of vehicles, further amplifies the environmental benefits. It’s also paramount for companies to validate their green claims with certifications such as ISO 14001. This not only provides authenticity but also reinforces consumer trust. 

The cumulative effect of these measures signifies a profound shift towards a greener, more sustainable car transport industry. As the world grapples with climate change, such initiatives are not just commendable; they’re imperative for our planet’s future.