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How To Sell Your Used Electric Car

With the number of electric cars on the roadways steadily increasing, the used market for electric vehicles is picking up steam. According to CNBC, there were over 5 million electric cars on the road globally in late 2019. While this is still a small number compared to the overall number of cars in operation, this signals that there could be millions of used electric vehicles ready for sale within the next year or two. Knowing how to sell your used electric vehicle can lead to more money in your pocket and a quicker and easier process.

Choose The Right Selling Method

First, you will need to determine where you will try to sell your car. Obviously, many of the traditional selling avenues still apply to electric cars. There is the age old process of simply parking your car on a busy street corner with a For Sale in the window. There are also the traditional websites available for selling cars like Craigslist, eBay, or AutoTrader. But you also have the option to use some sites that are specific to buying and selling electric vehicles such as Sites like this are dedicated to electric cars, so the people who are searching there are definitely in the market for a car like yours. Lastly, you can take your car to the local dealership for an offer or utilize a car buying service who will pay cash for your car. Whatever route you choose, the next few tips in this article will help make the difference between a quick sale and no sale at all.

Clean It Up

This tip is no different when selling an electric car versus a petrol or diesel powered vehicle. Clean your car up so that it looks as new as possible. Give it a fresh coat of wax and detail the interior as well. You want your car to look and smell clean with no noticeable blemishes or defects. A clean car shows well, and a dirty car will instantly make a potential buyer lose interest. If the car is still your daily driver, then make sure you keep it as clean as possible so that it is always ready to show to a potential buyer. If someone calls about the car and wants to see it the same day, you should be able to show it to them without the need for hours of cleaning beforehand.

Take Plenty of Pictures

Pictures have always been worth a thousand words, but that is true now more than ever. With people more hesitant to meet in person due to social distancing guidelines, photos are becoming even more valuable selling tools. Getting the most money for a used car can be difficult, but it is almost impossible if people cannot see what you are selling. Take pictures of both the exterior and interior from all different angles. Take shots of the instrument panel with the car running as well so that people can see there are no lights illuminated that signal a problem. Make sure that you also give your car a complete charge so that potential buyers can see the battery level at 100%. This will likely make them feel more comfortable that the batteries are in good condition and have no major issues.

You can also consider doing a video walkthrough or virtual test drive with the vehicle. Simply use your cell phone to video yourself opening the car, sitting in the driver’s seat, looking over the controls, and driving in the vehicle. This is a great way to show buyers how well the car operates without the need for an in-person meeting. Of course, be sure you follow proper laws and safety precautions before attempting to film yourself driving.

Describe It In Detail

This is where you need to channel your inner salesperson. Why should a person buy your used electric car over a petrol powered vehicle? You need to describe your car in as much detail as possible so that potential buyers know exactly what they are getting and the benefits associated with the vehicle. Tell them how long it takes the batteries to charge, how far you can drive on a single charge, how fast the vehicle will go, and any other details that might be pertinent for them to know. Not everyone is an expert on electric vehicles yet, so you need to educate your buyers as much as possible so that they feel they are making the right choice by buying electric. Car buyers will pay top dollar if they are buying something they truly feel like they want and need.

Get The Paperwork Right

The specific paperwork you need to sell your car varies depending on your location, but you will likely need at least a bill of sale and the title to the vehicle. You want the transaction to be smooth for both you and the buyer, so make sure you know exactly what is needed before you are ready to complete the transaction. In many cases, your bank will help you to close a sale like this, especially if they hold the title to the car. Make sure that you deal only in cash or certified check, and it is a good idea to have your bank verify the cash or check before completing the transaction. The last thing you want is to sell your car only to find out that the money is not there!

Give Yourself a Pat On The Back

After the sale, give yourself a pat on the back and use your money to have a little fun! It can be a lot of hard work preparing a car for sale and getting the transaction done, but following these tips can make it just a little bit easier. Now you just have to decide what kind of electric car you are going to purchase next!