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BlogPolestar 2 2024 EV depreciation: A helpful guide for buyers

When purchasing a vehicle, a key consideration for many buyers is the rate of depreciation. If you’re interested in buying a car that will hold…

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BlogGenesis GV60 2023 How Car GPS Trackers Are Revolutionising Electric Vehicle Security

Do you worry a lot about the safety of your electric vehicle, especially when you give it to someone else to drive? Then a good…

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BlogGenesis GV60 2023 Electric Future on the Hammer: Development Prospects and Growing Popularity of Electric Vehicle Auctions

Electric vehicles are here and they’re not going away. While it’s true that the number of electric vehicles sold in the United States has been…

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BlogRenault Kangoo 2023 What Are The Benefits Of Investing In An EV Fleet For A Business In London?

With persistent government efforts towards boosting the number of electric vehicles on the road, businesses are getting more inclined towards buying them. This is because…

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BlogBMW iX3 car wash Protecting the Paint on an Electric Car

Although electric cars produce significantly lower emissions than conventional cars, which rely on internal combustion engines, their paint is still susceptible to many harmful factors…

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BlogAbarth 500e 001 moving low res How to Go Green with Your Car: A Practical Guide

In today’s world, where the impact of human activities on the environment is becoming increasingly evident, living a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle has become a…

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BlogAudi Q8 e-tron The Benefits Of Leasing An Electric Vehicle (EV)

Electric cars are getting more and more popular, and leasing can be a really smart option compared to buying one outright. Here is a summary…

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BlogVolkswagen ID.3 2023 Benefits of Leasing an Electric Car

The automotive landscape is undergoing a transformative phase with electric vehicles (EVs) coming to the forefront, signalling a significant shift in how we perceive and…

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BlogMaxus T90EV electric motor low res Selling Electric Vehicle Parts Online

The automotive software and electronics industry is projected to reach $462 billion by 2030 worldwide. It’s growing at a staggering pace and proves to be…

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BlogLexus RZ 450e tyre Tyres for Electric Cars: A Key Element of Electric Mobility

Deciding to make your next car an electric one is a great decision for the environment, and it also moves you ahead of the government’s…

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BlogFord Mustang Mach-E moving Electric Vehicles and Taxation – What Do You Need to Know?

Electric vehicles, or EVs, have long been known to be the future of transport. Only recently has this future begun to take shape, as design…

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Blog Exploring the Environmental Impacts of Car Shipping

How does car shipping impact the environment, and how can we change the current methods to begin reducing the carbon footprint of a necessary endeavour…

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