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Green Car Guide has carried out all its own road tests since 2006, in order to focus primarily on a vehicle’s efficiency, including real-world fuel economy/electric range, and how good the car is to drive, along with many other areas such as how practical it is, does it represent good value for money? If the vehicle is designed for off-road use, then we’ll test it off-road. And all of the images you see here are our own photographs of the actual cars that we’ve tested.

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reviewAbarth 500e 001 moving low res Abarth 500e Review

Anyone who says that electric cars aren’t fun to drive needs to try the Abarth 500e; very few other EVs offer this much enjoyment through…

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reviewFiat 500 Electric FIAT 500 ELECTRIC REVIEW

The Fiat 500 Electric is a welcome choice for EV buyers in the city car class, offering a fun driving experience and a decent 199…

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reviewFiat 500e 001 Fiat 500e First Drive Review

Nobody does small cars like Fiat. One in four of all new city cars in the UK wears a Fiat badge. Can this new generation,…

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reviewHonda e Honda E Review

The Honda e is great to drive, it’s well designed, and the innovative infotainment system works effectively; as the brand’s first production EV, it’s an…

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reviewSEAT Mii Electric SEAT Mii Electric Review

The SEAT Mii Electric must surely be one of the most ideal city cars: all-electric, which means zero tailpipe emissions; fun to drive; compact; and…

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reviewHonda e Honda e First Drive

The new Honda e undoubtedly has styling on its side, but does that beauty go further than skin deep with a 125 mile range and…

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reviewVolkswagen e-up! Volkswagen e-up! 2020 REVIEW

The Volkswagen e-up! shows the progress being made with battery technology: the latest e-up! has an electric driving range of 159 miles compared to 83…

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reviewSKODA CITIGOe iV Skoda CITIGOe iV Review

The Skoda CITIGOe iV is more fun to drive than you might imagine and it’s an ideal city car; it’s also one of the more…

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