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Fiat 600e Review

The Fiat 600e is a bigger version of the 500e city car, with a longer driving range of 252 miles, and it shares the 500e’s characterful styling.

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  • Fiat 600e
Green Car Guide Rating: 8/10

Key stats

  • Model/Engine size:   Fiat 600e La Prima
  • Fuel:   Electric
  • Electric driving range (WLTP): 252 miles
  • Maximum rapid charging rate:   100 kW


  • Characterful styling
  • More space than the 500e
  • 252-mile electric driving range
  • Comfortable driving experience


Fiat may have an iconic car in the form of the 500, but it’s the brand’s only main offering apart from the Panda, and it’s a very small city car – too small for families. Therefore it’s no surprise that the 600 has been launched, which, like its predecessor from the 1950s, is bigger than the 500, and it’s aimed at families. However, because Fiat is part of the Stellantis Group, its new EVs are bound to share a platform with other models from the Group’s 14 brands in order to achieve cost-efficiencies, and in the case of the 600e the platform is shared with the Jeep Avenger.

Fiat 600e

Fiat 600e

Design & Engineering

The Fiat 600e’s exterior design aims to share the stylish retro-inspired design of the Fiat 500e, but the big difference is that the larger 600e features five doors and five seats.

Under the skin there’s a 54 kWh battery (with 51 kWh usable capacity) and a 154 hp electric motor delivering front-wheel drive.

As well as the powertrain, the dashboard is also very similar to the Jeep Avenger, even down to the folding cover over the large storage compartment in the centre console.

Although, with a length of 4,171mm, the 600e is bigger than the 500e, rear legroom is tight (not helped by a transmission tunnel), and the boot isn’t huge at 360-litres (or 1,231 litres with the rear seats folded). There’s a false boot floor, under which you can just about fit the charging cable, and there’s even a small additional compartment below the lower boot floor.

The Fiat 600e, which has a towing weight of 0 kg, replaces the 500X crossover, although the 600e is almost 10cm shorter than the 500X.

Fiat 600e

Fiat 600e

Fiat 600e Driving Experience

Because the Fiat 600e is compact, and it weighs 1,520 kg – less than most EVs – it feels relatively agile. However think ‘easy to drive’ rather than ‘sporty’ in terms of the 600e’s driving dynamics; the ride quality is comfortable and the steering is light.

There are three driving modes to choose from, Eco, Normal and Sport; even in Sport mode, acceleration from standstill isn’t as rapid as most other EVs (the 600e has a 0-62 mph time of 9.0 seconds). It feels like the responses have been dialled back in order to minimise the risk of wheelspin from the front-wheel drive chassis.

Gears are selected on the 600e by means of four buttons on the centre console, which is carried over from the Fiat 500e (and this is another feature shared with the Jeep Avenger), and this frees up space where the gear selector would normally be for a large storage compartment. However separate buttons that you have to reach for are not as user-friendly as a conveniently-located gear selector in our opinion. Pressing the D button twice gives you ‘B’-mode, which provides a greater degree of brake regeneration.

The 600e has a 10-inch touchscreen, which is ‘letterbox-shaped’, ie. quite narrow. Underneath the screen is a physical ‘home’ button, but other than that, there are no permanent shortcut buttons for items such as navigation, media/radio or phone. This makes it quite hard to easily swap between items such as Apple CarPlay and radio. To find the satnav, you have to swipe the home screen to the side. Swipe again and you’ll get a screen with a selection of car controls and apps.

Further down the dashboard is a row of buttons for the climate controls, one of which brings up a screen allowing you to select items such as the heated seats and to choose where the heating and ventilation is directed.

As with virtually all new cars, the lane departure warning system intervenes on the steering if you drive near a white line, although it doesn’t do this as violently as many other new cars; to switch this off you need to select the vehicle button (next to the home button under the touchscreen) and the ADAS screen will appear, offering you options to switch off various items – including traction control.

Despite the driver’s seat having electric adjustment, it might be a challenge for some people to get their ideal driving position in the 600e, with a relatively short reach adjustment for the steering wheel, a seat base with no ability to have its angle adjusted, and the driver might find their left leg pressed up against the large storage compartment in the centre console.

Fiat 600e

Fiat 600e

Fiat 600e Electric Range and Charging

The Fiat 600e has a WLTP combined range of up to 252 miles, and a figure of up to 367 miles is quoted for the WLTP city cycle. An average real-world range of 210 miles or more should be achievable.

Like most of the current Stellantis EV models, the 600e can rapid charge at up to 100 kW DC, when a 20% to 80% charge should take 27 minutes.

The 600e also has an 11 kW onboard AC charger, which can benefit from a three-phase electricity supply typically found at workplaces in the UK, when a 0% to 100% charge should take 5 hours 45 minutes.

A heat pump comes as standard, which aims to minimise the loss of battery charge when heating the cabin in cold weather.

The 600e has an 8-year/100,000-mile battery warranty.

How to charge an electric car

Fiat 600e

Fiat 600e

Price And Model Range

The Fiat 600e is available in two trims: the Fiat 600e (RED) from £32,995, and the Fiat 600e La Prima from £36,995. The La Prima trim level features extra equipment such as heated front seats, driver’s seat massage, navigation and voice recognition. The La Prima model is also available in four colours: Orange – Sun of Italy (standard); Blue – Sky of Italy; Green – Sea of Italy; and Sand – Earth of Italy.

Fiat offers its own electric car grant scheme in the UK; the Fiat E Grant provides customers with a £3,000 contribution towards an electric Fiat.

As well as the EV version, the Fiat 600e is also available as a petrol hybrid.

Fiat 600e

Fiat 600e


The Fiat 600e makes the most of sharing key elements of the visual character of the Fiat 500, but in a larger body style, so broadening the car’s appeal. However under the skin the 600e shares more with the Jeep Avenger rather than the Fiat 500. This means a 54 kWh battery offering a driving range of 252 miles and front-wheel drive. Even the interior is very similar to the Jeep. The 600e’s driving experience focuses on being easy to drive, with a comfortable ride and light steering. Although the 600e is bigger than the 500e city car, rear legroom is tight and, at 360-litres, the boot isn’t huge. Importantly, the 600e is priced towards the more affordable end of the EV scale, which is a big selling point. The Fiat 600e is awarded a Green Car Guide rating of 8 out of 10.

Car facts and figures Fiat 600e Review

  • Test electric driving range: 210 miles
  • Consumption (WLTP): 15.2 kWh/62 miles
  • CO2 emissions (WLTP): 0 g/km
  • Vehicle tax rate (VED):   £0
  • Benefit in Kind (BIK) company car tax liability (2024/25): 2%
  • Price:   £36,995
  • Insurance group:   26E
  • Power:   154 hp
  • Torque:   260 Nm
  • Max speed:   93 mph
  • 0-62 mph:   9.0 seconds
  • Weight:   1,520 kg
  • Towing capacity: 0 kg
Paul Clarke

Review by:
Paul Clarke, GreenCarGuide Editor