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Volkswagen Golf BlueMotion Review

Volkswagen Golf BlueMotion

Volkswagen Golf BlueMotion

Volkswagen Golf BlueMotion

Model/Engine size: BlueMotion TDI 5 door
Fuel: Diesel
Fuel economy combined: 74.3 mpg

The Volkswagen Golf BlueMotion emits just 99 g/km CO2, equivalent to 74.3 mpg, and is an incredibly refined family hatchback.

It’s also one of the best all-round green cars we’ve driven so far this year in the price bracket below the BMW 320d EfficientDynamics – and it’s significantly cheaper than the BMW.

The fifth generation Golf re-established the brand as a force to be reckoned with thanks to the reintroduction of a decent amount of driver involvement. However it wasn’t perfect, in particular the legendary quality was compromised a little with interior quality not quite up to standards expected.

For the sixth generation, Volkswagen has been able to build on the successes of the Mk 5 whilst giving it the interior it always wanted to. The result is a family hatch which performs at every level and neatly straddles the mainstream and executive markets. In short it is a very serious contender.

Volkswagen has already managed to slash the Golf’s CO2 emissions with its BlueMotion technology, but it’s a sign of the times that they haven’t stopped developing the concept. In order to meet forthcoming EU CO2 targets manufacturers need to get their mainstream models as low as possible,
and quickly too.

In order to get under 100 g/km Volkswagen has tweaked the aerodynamics again with a new front bumper, sill extensions, a lower ride height and relocated air ducts behind the grille. The Golf keeps the 104 bhp 1.6 litre common rail engine, Stop and Start, optimised gear ratios and low rolling resistance tyres.

The Golf oozes quality which would allow it to take on premium competitors but it’s priced to compete with the mainstream. Add in the BlueMotion treatment and you get a low CO2 option without compromising on refinement. In short it makes a compelling case which is hard to ignore.

Fuel economy extra urban: 83.1 mpg
Fuel economy urban: 60.1 mpg
CO2 emissions: 99 g/km
Green rating: VED band A – first year £0
Weight: 1455 Kg
Company car tax liability (2010/11): 13%
Price: £18,715 (From £14,880 to £21,715)
Insurance group: 8
Power: 104 bhp
Max speed: 118 mph
0-62mph: 11.3 seconds
DPF: Yes