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Compare car running costs

Compare Car Running Costs

The Green Car Guide Car Running Costs Comparison tool allows you to compare running costs for all new cars on the market. Just select a manufacturer and model in the box below.

CO2, MPG and VED data 

The Car Running Costs Comparison tool also provides a quick and easy way to view CO2MPG and VED data, as well as fuel costs, for all new cars.

Total running costs 

You can enter your annual mileage and the length of time you want to keep the car, and the Car Running Costs Comparison tool will provide you with total running costs, as well as a total cost for the car.

Compare fuel costs

Running costs are comprised of service and repair, fuel, road tax and breakdown cover. Standing costs are comprised of depreciation and insurance group. Running costs and standing costs provide the total cost.

Compare running costs of up to three vehicles

You can then compare this car with up to two other vehicles.

Car Running Costs Comparison tool uses more realistic real-life fuel economy figures

Uniquely, the tool uses more realistic real-life fuel economy figures for cars such as plug-in hybrids and E-REVs than the misleading official NEDC figures for this type of technology, providing more accurate costs for real-world use.

Compare running costs for petrol cars v diesel cars v hybrid and electric cars

Motorists want cars that have affordable running costs, and this is more important to car buyers than how ‘green’ a car is. Green Car Guide’s Car Running Costs Comparison tool allows visitors to compare petrol cars v diesel cars v hybrid and electric cars. Comparisons between vehicles with different fuel and powertrain technologies provide some interesting results.