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Access over 20,000 EV charging points with elmoCharge

If you want an electric vehicle but don’t want the long-term commitment of a lease then elmo offers electric vehicles on subscription, as well as EVs on salary sacrifice (also based on a subscription model). EVs need charging, and so elmo can assist with the supply and installation of a home charger, but what happens when elmo customers need to charge their EVs using the public charging network?

To make life easier for its subscribers, elmoCharge has just been launched – elmo’s new public charging partnership with Paua, the UK’s largest charge point roaming provider.

An elmoCharge card offers elmo subscribers access to chargepoints from 20 leading network providers (this number is due to increase), covering more than 20,000 charging points across mainland Britain – and just one single way to pay for all of their charging through their elmo account.

It’s estimated that with elmoCharge, elmo subscribers will never be more than 15 miles from an elmoCharge-enabled charging station. They also won’t have to worry about having to sign up to different providers’ accounts, or having multiple apps and charge cards, or waste time looking for receipts for charging.

Key features of elmoCharge:

  • One card, one invoice
  • Pay as you go, no monthly sign-up fees
  • Convenient access to thousands of charge points across the UK
  • Find the nearest electric charge points through the Paua app

One charge card gives drivers access to:

  • Over 20,000 charging points across the UK (out of a total of around 36,000 public charge points)
  • 20 networks including Fastned, Ionity, Motor Fuel Group, Osprey, Shell Recharge, and Source London
  • One single way to pay, through a subscriber’s elmo account (an invoice is charged fortnightly)

elmoCharge membership is included as standard with every elmo subscription. Standard fees for charging will apply, depending on the charging network; the Paua app will show how much each charge point will cost per kWh.

Having one card for over 20,000 public chargepoints makes life much easier. All rapid chargers (50kW and above) should now take contactless payment, however for most slower chargers EV drivers still need separate apps or cards for different charging networks – and there are a lot of them. This used to be the case for rapid chargers until just a few years ago, which wasn’t the most user-friendly way to access public charging.

The full list of charging networks covered by elmoCharge is as follows:

Alfa Power


Charge My Street

ChargePlace Scotland

Connected Kerb





Has To Be


Liberty Charge

LiFe (from RAW charging)


Motor Fuel Group


Shell Recharge (was New Motion)

Source London


Click here to find out more about elmoCharge

elmo offers two types of EV subscription: elmoFlex with a 60-day minimum term for those who want ultimate flexibility; and elmoSave which allows customers to commit for a longer time period in return for lower prices.

elmo also offers a salary sacrifice scheme, based on its subscription model rather than on a traditional leasing model, allowing employees to save 30-60% on the cost of an electric vehicle – find out more here about the elmo salary sacrifice scheme.