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Caterham Seven 165 at LCV2013

lcv2013-caterham-seven-crop.jpg The new Caterham Seven 165, featuring a 660cc, three-cylinder, turbocharged Suzuki engine, was on show at LCV2013 – but not in a driveable form.

The idea of the car is to take Caterham’s lightweight ethos to a new level using the downsized 80hp engine. As well as making the 165 the most economical Seven ever, the lightweight engine is expected to give the car even more agile handling.

Production of the Caterham Seven 165 is expected to begin in January 2014, with first deliveries in spring. The Caterham Seven 160 variant of the car will start from under £17,000.

As the Seven 165 isn’t quite ready for test drives yet, we were able to take another new variant of the Seven around Millbrook. This car, with 240PS, 0-60mph in 3.4 seconds, and emissions of 179g/km CO2, has a better performance-economy mix than previous Sevens, and our experience of the car at Millbrook demonstrated all the traits that we enjoyed in our test of the Roadsport 125 – primarily a refreshing, direct driving experience compared to virtually all new cars that are on sale today.

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