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Green Cars at the British Motor Show

Here’s our user-friendly summary of all the new green cars you need to know about at this year’s British Motorshow…

The Honda OSM sports car is described by Honda as a design study only, but everyone’s hoping it may point the way for the possible design direction of the S2000 replacement, and has hybrid technology.

The new Fiesta was launched with a big song and dance, with help from singer Alesha Dixon.

Of particular note was the unveiling of the Fiesta ECOnetic – with just 98g/km CO2, and capable of 76.3mpg, this makes it greener than the two current lowest emitting cars on sale in the UK, the VW Polo BlueMotion and the SEAT Ibiza Ecomotive, both of which have 99g/km CO2 emissions.

However the non-ECOnetic Fiesta looks much better with its larger alloys and low profile tyres. Green is this year’s in-colour for manufacturers’ show cars.

Don’t forget the ECOnetic Focus, with emissions of just 114g/km CO2, and here today.

The new Ibiza was on show on the SEAT stand – complete with this three door SC, or Sport Coupe, version.

The new lower emission Leon Ecomotive was also on display – although it will be a couple of months before supply comes through the system for UK buyers.

The current Ibiza Ecomotive is the lowest emission conventionally-engined car you can buy today, with 99g/km CO2 and 74.3mpg

Even the Alhambra people carrier has had the Ecomotive treatment to shave a few grammes off the emissions

The iQ is Toyota’s new city car, with clever packaging to fit three adults and one child.

Meanwhile this hybrid concept is intended to point the way towards the next Prius.

Alfa Romeo made a real effort with their sophisticated stand, launching the new MiTo supermini to the UK.

Just to prove that superminis can be sexy, here’s the new lightweight, three-door Mazda2 with great-looking alloys, body kit and wild paint colour.

The Citroen C-Cactus Concept is so named because it doesn’t drink much, thanks to its diesel-hybrid engine.

The Honda CR-Z hybrid is a small energy-efficient sports coupe, and is due to be with us in 2009.

The Honda FCX Clarity, with its hydrogen fuel cell, is now in production and available in America, but no hope of  owning one in the UK yet

The Saab 9-X BioHybrid concept is powered by bioethanol and electric, promising 105g/km CO2 emissions.

The Land Rover LRX is likely to be the first model to get the company’s hybrid powertrain – this could help it achieve 60mpg and emissions of less than 120g/km CO2. The system is called e-Terrain and should be available in the LRX by 2012. Two Freelander prototypes are currently showing a 24% improvement in fuel economy with the hybrid system.

The Kia Eco_cee’d is the lowest emitting model in the range with 104g/km CO2 and 72.4mpg, and will be here next year.

Even Chevrolet had a green car, both in concept and colour, with the radical looking Beat city car concept.

The Greener Driving Pavilion has a number of electric cars on show including the Smart EV.

And the Tesla makes an appearance, the Lotus Elise-based electric roadster offering huge performance with zero tailpipe emissions – but at a price.

The Eco Elise uses environmentally-responsible materials to reduce its impact on the planet.

The NICE stand has a range of newsworthy products, and even better, this funky electric two seater will actually be on sale from September/October 2008 from £8995. However it’s only got a range of 40 miles and a top speed of 40mph.

Called ‘MyCar’, even the interior is well designed – unlike some other electric cars on show (see below…)

NICE even had a 5 door, 5 seat electric car. With a range of 65 miles in typical city driving, and a top speed of 50mph, its performance is better than the MyCar. However it’s more expensive, at £13,995. Available from September/October 2008.

You can even convert your own pride and joy to an electric car – in this case a Fiat 500, with a Micro-Vett conversion. 60mph and 70 miles range. Price is on application, but expect quite hefty monthly payments. Available now.

Yes, even vans can be converted to be zero emission at the tailpipe by using electric power. This is the Micro-Vett Fiat Doblo, with a top speed of 75mph and a range of 95 miles thanks to lithium-ion batteries.

As well as being the most common electric car in London, the electric G-Wiz was also out in force in the Electric Vehicle Village, complete with leafy livery

The new electric kid on the block is the Think, a proper car rather than a quadricycle, with much better range, a much higher speed, and a much higher price tag than the G-Wiz. Shame about the plastic body that looks rather out of place at a Motor Show full of painted, shiny cars

However out of place the dull plastic body of the Think might be, it didn’t look as out of place as this … thing. While NICE appears to be getting to grips with electric vehicle product design, the same can’t said for the new Quiet Car Company. This contraption lurking in the Electric Vehicle Village looks like it’s from 1960’s India

This is the interior for the thing above. The horrible plastic dashboard and the dreadful seat coverings make the interior of the G-Wiz look like a Bentley.

This is another vehicle from the Quiet Car Company and it features electric motors in the rear wheels.

Just in case you didn’t know where the motor was, here’s a handy reminder

The collection of batteries looks decidedly scary

Finally, Honda is running an outdoor live action event called DreamScape, featuring a range of their products being driven enthusiastically around the arena, including the Oaktec Honda Civic hybrid rally car.

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