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LCV2013 review: Tesla Model S shows what UK ultra-low emission vehicle industry must aim for

lcv2013-tesla-model-s-city-2-crop.jpg The government’s strategy to drive forward the ultra-low emission vehicles industry was launched at LCV2013 , and the Tesla Model S on display at the event provided the perfect example of what the UK industry must aim for.

LCV2013, the UK’s leading low carbon vehicle event, organised by Cenex, took place at Millbrook over 4 & 5 September and included a conference, exhibition and a ride and drive.

As well as the latest low carbon cars such as the Tesla Model S, BMW i3 and Porsche Panamera E-Hybrid being on show, the conference focused on initiatives to help the UK become a leader in the development of technology for the next generation of ultra-low emission vehicles – by bridging the ‘valley of death’.

This LCV2013 event review covers a summary of:

  1. The latest low emission vehicles on display at the event
  2. The key strategies, initiatives and organisations that will help the UK develop as a leader in low carbon vehicle technology
  3. An example of some key themes at one of the event’s many seminars: Energy for Transport – Implications on the wider energy system of the transition to ultra-low emission vehicles

Latest low emission vehicles at LCV2013

Tesla Model S


BMW i3


Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid


Ford Focus Electric


Land Rover Defender Electric


Range Rover Evoque_e


Morgan Plus E


Caterham Seven 165


BYD e6


LCV2013 Conference Highlights

Developing the UK’s low carbon automotive industry – ‘bridging the valley of death’


Energy for Transport: Implications on the wider energy system of the transition to ultra-low emission vehicles


LCV2013 Summary

There was a huge amount going on at LCV2013. There were presentations running over both days of the event, sometimes with at least three different seminars at the same time. There were a large number of exhibitors operating in the low carbon vehicle sector, and there were many of the latest low carbon vehicles such as the Tesla Model S.

The very first LCV event, just six years ago, featured vehicles on display, but you couldn’t buy any of them, as they were all prototypes. The 2013 event featured vehicles from companies such as Tesla and Porsche that can operate with zero tailpipe emissions, offer high levels of performance, and are extremely desirable. This combination is what Green Car Guide has stood for since it was founded in 2006 and the progress with low carbon vehicles over seven years is something that has to be celebrated.

We now need to ensure that the UK is placed at the forefront of developing the future ultra-low emission vehicles and their technologies. The various initiatives presented at LCV2013, such as the new ultra-low emissions vehicles strategy, the Advanced Propulsion Centre and the Proving Factory, show that the automotive industry and government have been working together successfully on some strategic thinking about how to capitalise on the opportunities in the ultra-low carbon vehicle sector. It will be interesting to see what progress has been made by the time of LCV2014.

Paul Clarke


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