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OVO Energy – energy supplier for EV owners

MINI Countryman S E charging

MINI Countryman S E charging

If you own an electric vehicle, or are considering buying one, and you want an energy supplier that is focusing on developing services for EV drivers, then take a look at OVO Energy (“OVO”).

Launched last August, OVO’s EV Everywhere bundle has been specifically designed to meet the needs of EV drivers. It combines a 2 year fixed home energy plan – guaranteeing zero price increases for the duration of the contract and fully compatible with Economy 7 – with 100% renewable electricity for your home and car. Better yet, thanks to OVO’s partnership with Chargemaster, all EV Everywhere customers get 2 years free membership to the POLAR network – the UK’s largest public charging network with over 6,000 charge points. With Chargemaster aiming to add a further 2,000 points to the network this year, EV Everywhere offers EV drivers a compelling proposition for charging at home and away.

OVO calculates that the free green energy upgrade is worth £120 over two years, and free membership of the POLAR charging network is worth £188 over two years, resulting in a total saving of over £300. Oh, and OVO has consistently been rated one of the UK’s top-rated energy suppliers for value and customer service.

All of the above may sound a bit like a sales pitch, so Green Car Guide interviewed Tom Pakenham, Director of Electric Vehicles at OVO Energy, to find out more about the company and why EV drivers should take notice of OVO.

Tom describes OVO as a young, disruptive energy company (although it already has over 850,000 customers). OVO believes that electricity customers haven’t been served particularly well by the big energy suppliers, and so it has set out to bring better products – and service – to the market.

If you’re passionate about EVs, then you might appreciate an energy supplier that shares your passion. Tom certainly fits into this category, as well as being extremely knowledgeable about all things associated with EVs and energy.

“We’re currently seeing the very start of what is due to be a huge and increasingly rapid switch from petrol and diesel fuels to electric, and so we’ll need to replace a massive amount of energy” says Tom. “This is a big challenge, but it’s also an opportunity for innovation, and OVO is planning on bringing new technology and fresh solutions to EV owners to help drive forward the uptake of EVs.”

OVO Energy & Nissan’s plan to clean up the grid

Green Car Guide recently attended the Nissan Futures event in Oslo, when Stephen Fitzpatrick, CEO and Founder of OVO Energy, gave a presentation about home battery storage, which can store energy from solar panels and then be used to charge an EV, as well as talking about plans to launch a vehicle-to-grid (V2G) offering for private buyers of EVs – which will allow customers to sell energy to the grid at peak times.

OVO estimates that if all of the 20,000 Nissan electric vehicles currently in the UK were connected to the energy network they would generate the equivalent output of a 200 MW power plant. In a future where all vehicles on UK roads are electric, V2G technology could generate a ‘virtual power plant’ of up to 200 GW. This energy capacity is more than double the peak demand on the UK grid.

By harnessing such technology, OVO’s ambition is that owners of EVs won’t have to pay a penny for the energy needed to power their vehicles. Sounds good? Then take a look at OVO.

Paul Clarke

Paul Clarke, Editor, Green Car Guide