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smart #1

smart #1: Quick Guide

The smart #1 is the brand’s first ever all-electric SUV; find out more about this new model with our smart #1 guide.

smart #1 headlines

The smart #1 is an all-electric compact ‘urban’ SUV – a very popular market segment for car buyers – measuring 4,270mm in length, with 273-411 litres of ‘variable’ boot space thanks to a rear seat that can slide up to 13 cm, and it weighs 1,820 kg.

Most compact urban vehicles are traditionally front-wheel drive, but the smart #1 is rear-wheel drive – although there’s a BRABUS model which is all-wheel drive (which also has an impressive 0-62 mph acceleration time of just 3.9 seconds!).

The smart #1 has a 66 kWh NCM battery – a type of lithium-ion battery with a cathode made of a combination of nickel, cobalt and manganese. This results in an electric driving range of up to 273 miles for the Premium and Launch Edition models, 260 miles for the Pro+ model, and 248 miles for the BRABUS.

Usefully, the smart #1 can rapid charge at up to 150 kW DC, which can provide a 10% to 80% charge in less than 30 minutes, or 62 miles of range in 10-15 minutes. It’s also capable of 22 kW AC charging from 10% to 80% in three hours.

A heat pump is standard on all models apart from the Pro+, which warms the cabin using heat from the battery, making it more efficient to get a comfortable interior temperature in cold weather.

In rear-wheel drive form, the smart #1’s electric motor produces power of 200 kW (272 PS) and torque of 343 Nm, with a maximum speed of 112 mph.

The smart #1’s interior features a floating centre console, a 12.8-inch touchscreen, a 9.2-inch driver’s instrument display, ambient lighting with 64 colours and 20 illumination levels, and a panoramic glass roof.

The exterior features concealed electric door handles and CyberSparksLED+ headlights. The smart #1 can also be accessed via a digital key.

smart #1 model highlights and prices

There are four smart #1 models available: the smart #1 Pro+, smart #1 Premium, smart #1 BRABUS and smart #1 Launch Edition.

The smart #1 Pro+ is priced from £35,950, the smart #1 Premium from £38,950, the smart #1 BRABUS costs £43,450, and the smart #1 Launch Edition is £39,450. The smart #1 is currently available for pre-order.

Check out the key features of different smart #1 models:

smart #1 Pro+

  • 19-inch alloy wheels
  • Fixed panoramic roof
  • Concealed door handles

smart #1 Premium

  • Heat pump
  • Automatic parking assist
  • Adjustable head-up display
  • 19-inch Rotor alloys
  • Floating halo roof
  • Duo leather seats
  • Sound system powered by Beats

smart #1 BRABUS

  • All-wheel drive
  • 0-62 mph in 3.9 seconds
  • 19-inch alloy wheels
  • Microfibre suede seats

smart #1 Launch Edition

  • Limited to only 1,000 cars across the whole of Europe
  • Unique chequered 19-inch alloy wheels
  • Unique exterior colour combination including platinum gold metallic roof
  • White Duo leather seats

smart #1 interior

Green Car Guide interviewed David Browne, the CEO of smart in the UK, who said “Compact SUVs represent 40% of the new car market in the UK so the #1 should be a practical proposition for many people. And with a 0-62 mph time of 3.9 seconds, the BRABUS model has few direct rivals in terms of its performance. With one of the very latest dedicated EV platforms and an affordable price point, the #1 will have a broader appeal than the two-seater fortwo, which is where the smart brand started 25 years ago.”