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The world’s first high performance hybrid sports coupe and it’s British!

The British Connaught Type-D H features the world’s first V10 hybrid engine.

Developed in-house by Connaught, the engine includes ‘next generation’ hybrid technology. The petrol/electric hybrid system adds performance whilst also improving fuel economy and lowering emissions.

The electric motor that supports the V10 engine enables the Connaught Type-D to sit noiselessly in traffic by turning off the petrol engine; when the throttle is pressed, the engine is restarted silently and the car moves away smoothly and instantly.

The revolutionary V10 design accelerates the car from 0 to 60mph in 6.5 seconds, and achieves a top speed of 140 mph. Yet the car’s fuel economy is best in class, with an average combined fuel consumption of 42mpg. These figures are helped considerably by an excellent low weight of just 850kg.

Connaught claim that their Type-D is a unique new concept: it’s the only sports coupé on the market combining excellent fuel economy, handling and class-leading performance with a comfortable four seater layout.

And incredibly for a car of this performance, it’s exempt from the London Congestion Charge, as well as having low vehicle tax for a car in this category.

Connaught was revived in 2002 and brings back the legendary British marque of the 1950’s, whose Grand Prix and sports racing cars were renowned for their technical innovation and style. The Connaught Type-D V10 sports coupé is a stylish and comfortable four seater, a revolutionary concept in vehicle design and engineering, all developed in-house by Connaught.

Connaught’s development of the world’s first performance hybrid sports coupé beats the mainstream manufacturers in the race to produce a high performance energy efficient sports car. The Connaught Type-D H is available in 2007.

The limited edition Connaught Type-D GT Syracuse spearheads the Type-D range, this non-hybrid supercharged GT offers more performance and is also available from summer 2007.

Orders are being taken now for both models.

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