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Local Authority EV Toolkit

Examples of materials and resources used in promotional activities

As a local authority, how do you know where to start with communication about electric vehicles? Thankfully, there’s a solution: Automotive Comms – the team behind Green Car Guide – specialises in communication about electric vehicles and supports a range of organisations and projects around the UK, including Nottingham City Council with the direction of communication for the ULEV Experience project.

There’s a system for marketing and communication, which Automotive Comms implemented for the ULEV Experience project, and this is summarised as follows.

1. Marketing strategy

2. Branding & design style

3. Copywriting

4. Imagery/photography

5. Video

6. Website

7. Social media

8. PR

9. Design of communication materials (digital and printed)

10. Events/exhibitions

See more examples of electric vehicle communication at Automotive Comms

If you have some examples of best practice from your own campaigns then contact to discuss how to get them included on this section.

Where you use others work please ensure that you reference the Authority or project they are from. Thank you.

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