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Green Car Guide

Discover how to save money on motoring costs with a Green Car

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  • Are
    high petrol
    diesel prices
    driving you mad?
  • Considering getting a
    new car
  • Are you concerned about the
    miles per gallon
    CO2 emissions
    of your car?
  • What’s the best
    energy-efficient car
    for you?
  • Having difficulty
    sorting out what’s important
    from the mass of technical jargon on new cars?

The Green-Car-Guide e-book gives clear and up-to-date information and advice, specifically focused on the best energy-efficient cars.

It tells you which are the most economical cars in ten different categories, with best recommendations for petrol, diesel, and other technologies. It covers the top 66 cars in total. So, no matter what type of car you want, you can find the best in your chosen category. This information will save you money on petrol and diesel, car tax, company car tax and the London Congestion Charge.

The Green-Car-Guide focuses on clear, relevant and practical information, with full details about green car fuel consumption and green car emissions.

If you’re looking for a green car, you will no longer need to waste time wading through lots of irrelevant information on general motoring websites and magazines. (And as it’s an e-book, there’s no waste of paper!)

Read informed, concise reports in the hunt for your perfect green car.


  • which cars on the market today are ‘hybrids’
  • which technologies are best for you
  • which green cars are the most fun to drive.

This e-book is over 75 pages in length and is a highly focused source of help on buying green cars.

“I have to say I found the guide excellent – very useful and informative. I’m planning on buying a new car and as with many people my priority list includes purchasing a product that provides me with environmental peace of mind, lower fuel costs and obviously performance. Comparisons that you have made within the guide have certainly given food for thought.”
Dave Gilbert

I look forward to the Green-Car-Guide helping you make a positive and significant difference to both your pocket and our planet.

Happy motoring!

Paul Clarke

PS Currently there are more ‘ green’ cars being launched than ever before. Do you know what the choices are? The Green-Car-Guide focuses purely on the latest and best eco-car choices, with an emphasis on what is right for you. Don’t miss out. Buy today!

Please note that the Green-Car-Guide e-Book is a digital product. You will need Adobe Acrobat software to view the PDF. If you need this free software click here to download .

In the unlikely event that you have any difficulty downloading or opening the e-book PDF, please e-mail us via our contact page.

Fill in your email address below to download your free Green Car Guide

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