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BMW i5 eDrive40 Sport Edition Touring

BMW i5 eDrive40 Sport Edition Touring

Key stats

  • Model/Engine size: BMW i5 eDrive40 Sport Edition Touring
  • Fuel: Electric
  • Range (WLTP): 342 miles
BMW i5 eDrive40 Sport Edition Touring


It wasn’t long ago that you couldn’t get an electric estate car for love nor money. Thankfully that is all changing, and rather helpful different manufacturers have picked different sizes of estate, so there is now a decent chance of finding something that meets your needs.

In the case of BMW that means a big estate car courtesy of the i5 Touring. At just a smidge over 5 metres it will happily accommodate 4 adults with 570 litres of boot space, or if you can drop the rear seats you unlock a very useful 1,700 litres in total. With a kerb weight of over 2.2 tonnes that load area can be filled with 610 kg or if you prefer you can even tow up to 1,500 kg. A further bonus is rear self levelling air suspension that underlines the practical intent. So in short the i5 Touring has got most day to day tasks covered.

So the Touring has the estate car bit covered but what about the electric bit? Well you get BMW’s 5th generation eDrive system which when paired with an 81.2 kWh battery pack delivers 342 miles of range on the official test. In addition it also enables the ability to charge at a peak speed of 205 kW from an Ultra Rapid charger, which means that you can recoup up to 118 miles in just 10 minutes. So the i5 will take you further and get you back on the road quicker than you might expect.

There is more good news on the driving front, with comfortably north of 300 bhp on tap and instant torque, performance is very respectable and you don’t need to worry about using the load capacity. The interior is top quality, refinement is first class, and the ride quality is top notch. This is car that will comfortably eat long distances without you breaking a sweat. If you do want to break a sweat it is good in the twisty bits too. Obviously 2.2 tonnes of estate car is never going to deliver sports car thrills, but given that it does a good job.

The i5 Touring does lots of things really well. Crucially for an estate car these include load lugging, towing, moving people in comfort and delivering enough performance to do it all. The fact that it also has a great interior, a handsome exterior, a 300 mile plus range and Ultra Rapid charging makes it easy to recommend. The only real downside is the asking price, but it does enough to justify this by being so good at some many things.


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Estimated real world range: 240 – 342 miles
Official range: 342 miles
Official electricity consumption: 168 Wh/km
Battery pack: 81.2 kWh (net) lithium ion; 8 year / 100,000 mile warranty (70% of battery capacity remaining)
Recharge time: 7 kW charge approx 12 hours (0-100%); 11 kW charge approx 8 hours 30 mins (0-100%); 22 kW charge approx 4 hours 15 minutes (0-100%); Rapid CCS 50 kW approx 1 hour 13 mins (10 – 80%); 205 kW CCS Ultra Rapid charger 30 mins (10 – 80%)

Please note that CO2 emissions quoted for electric cars are not directly comparable to diesel and petrol cars. This is because CO2 emissions quoted are calculated by Green Car Guide and include the emissions created at the power station turning fuel (e.g. gas etc) into electricity and in transmitting and distributing the electricity to an end user. They do not include the actual production of the fuel (e.g. gas extraction and refinery emissions). Petrol and diesel emissions are supplied by car manufacturers and are based solely on the fuel burnt in the engine (tailpipe emissions) and do not include the production of the fuel or distribution to a fuel station. In practice this means that electric car emissions are over-estimated relative to petrol and diesel. For instance if an electric car, a petrol car, and a diesel car are all reported to emit 100 g/km CO2, the electric car actually has lower emissions.

Specifications BMW i5 eDrive40 Sport Edition Touring

  • Fuel economy, extra urban: N/A
  • Fuel economy, urban: N/A
  • CO2 emissions: Officially 0 g/km. Estimated average UK grid electricity approx 35 g/km (342 mile range); (240 mile range) 50 g/km
  • VED: £0 a year
  • Weight: 2,255 Kg
  • BIK Company Car Tax (2023/24): 2%
  • Price: £69,945
  • Insurance group: TBC
  • Power: 335 bhp
  • Max speed: 120 mph
  • 0-62mph: 6.1 seconds
  • Torque: 295 lb ft