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BMW X1 xDrive 18d SE

BMW X1 xDrive 18d SE

Key stats

  • Model/Engine size: BMW X1 xDrive 18d SE
  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Range (WLTP): 49.6 mpg
BMW X1 xDrive 18d SE


For many years BMW had a pretty conservative strategy of producing extremely good executive saloon cars. This worked well and frankly we wouldn’t have been disappointed if they had continued. But one day BMW went niche mad and started making ever more varied vehicles that we never knew we wanted.

The latest result of this is the X1 which becomes the fourth variant in the X family alongside the X3, X5 and very niche X6. The X1 breaks new ground by being the first X model to be available with two (rear) wheel drive. However to make it into this section you need four wheel drive so it is the thirstier xDrive version that makes these pages.

The X1 is based on the 3 Series so it shares its wheelbase but despite looking larger it is actually slightly shorter and narrower. BMW has done a great job of delivering the SUV look and raised driving position whilst also keeping the CO2 emissions within reason (the two wheel drive s18d emits just 136 g/km)

BMW’s ability to hide the extra weight and height of its X range when it comes to corners is amazing.

They have been so successful at it that we are almost taking it for granted now, but we shouldn’t. If you want the SUV look but don’t want to sacrifice driving fun then BMW is your first port of call.

The BMW X1 xDrive 18d SE is more compact that the other X models and indeed is slightly smaller than the 3 Series so it is easier to park and manoeuvre. BMW has done a great job once again of delivering a reduced CO2 option without compromising on its core values of performance, quality and driver engagement.

Specifications BMW X1 xDrive 18d SE

  • Fuel economy, extra urban: 55.4 mpg
  • Fuel economy, urban: 42.2 mpg
  • CO2 emissions: 150 g/km
  • VED: VED band F - first year £125
  • Weight: 1615 Kg
  • BIK Company Car Tax (2023/24): 22%
  • Price: £24,640 (From £23,315 to £29,975)
  • Insurance group: TBC
  • Power: 143 bhp
  • Max speed: 124 mph
  • 0-62mph: 10.1 seconds
  • Torque: No