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Subaru boxer turbo diesel premiere at Geneva

The world’s first horizontally-opposed turbo diesel engine – promising to offer exceptional refinement and smoothness – makes its debut at the 77th Geneva International Motor Show in March on the Subaru stand.

The Japanese all-wheel drive specialist – renowned for producing cars with outstanding chassis dynamics and active safety – will be displaying an entire drivetrain at the show.

Subaru believes passionately in its ‘boxer’ engines which are more compact than in-line units and provide a much lower centre-of-gravity.

This reduces body roll for safer cornering and also enhances handling precision such as during a sudden lane-change manoeuvre on a motorway.

Due for its first vehicle application early next year, the Subaru ‘boxer’ turbo diesel is a highly rigid unit with low levels of noise and vibration.

Not only does this eliminate the need for a balancer shaft which counters uneven combustion pressures and general roughness, but Subaru’s first diesel is as compact as its petrol sisters and combines unusually strong pulling power at low engine speeds with high-rev throttle-response.

Both the engine and symmetrical all-wheel drive drivetrain will be unveiled as part of Subaru’s press conference at the show on March 6th.