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Green cars are the fastest growing car sector

Honda reports that sales of hybrid cars in the UK have doubled in the last 12 months – making cleaner cars the fastest growing sector in the industry. Year to date results for the hybrid market show an increase in sales from 3,117 to 6,568 cars – or 111 per cent.

Continued growth in the sector was reflected by Honda’s performance in May, when the company sold more hybrids over one month than ever before. 604 of the low-emission Civic Hybrid saloons were registered during May, bringing year to date sales to 1,136.

Honda’s successful month was helped by some good results in the corporate market, with an increasing number of public and private companies recognising the financial, as well as the environmental benefits of running hybrid cars.

City Car Club, a ‘Pay as you go’ car sharing scheme based in Camden, has ordered 45 of the petrol-electric Hondas for its clients to use.

“People who join car clubs such as ours, do so because of their lifestyle – and these people are likely to be more environmentally responsible,” says Dirk van Dijl, Chief Executive of City Car Club. “The Civic Hybrid matches the lifestyle of our users. It’s easy to drive, it’s fun and it’s got all the bells and whistles – our guys especially like the space-age dashboard.”

So let’s see a greater range of green cars then please Honda!