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The Government Copies Green-Car-Guide

Green Car Guide The UK government has copied our idea and provided an online resource to find the lowest emission cars in different categories. However the very first page we looked at had errors. If you search for the lowest emission 4×4, this is what you get:

1 SUZUKI SX4 1.6 GL Hatchback From VIN JSAGYA21S00101012    M Petrol D/ £140 165

This is actually a two-wheel drive vehicle, not a four-wheel drive vehicle. We work with a wide range of organisations in the industry and we applaud any efforts to make choosing a green car easier, however after seeing the end result of this project, and having heard about the vast sums of money that have gone into this, we would have to recommend our own Green Car Guide!

Our Green Car Guide features the most economical cars in ten different categories , the best three petrol models, the best three diesel, and any other fuel types you should consider such as electric or bioethanol, along with a review to let you know whether or not it’s a good car, along with photographs, combined, urban and extra urban fuel consumption figures (essential information due to the different types of driving that people do), CO2 emissions, car energy label, car tax cost, whether the vehicle has a particulate filter if it’s a diesel (very important for local air quality)… the list goes on. So we would suggest that our own Green Car Guide is altogether more useful.

However, please feel free to check out . You can search for the type of car you are looking for by category, transmission and fuel type and automatically be given a list of the lowest CO2 emitting models according to your requirements.

After taking a look at that, if you want more information then check back to – the original UK green car news site – purely focusing on the latest practical green car news that you need to know about.