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Hitch a ride with Clarkson in Birmingham today

Clarkson is in Birmingham from the 20-22 August and is offering you an eco-friendly, car-free way to get to work.

Clarkson is the horse bit of a horse and cart that is a new initiative to introduce the horse and cart back into our cities to combat CO2. Commuters can book their free journey by visiting

Obviously even horses aren’t completely emission-free (remember that cows are one of the largest emitters of greenhouse gases on the planet), so in the true spirit of recycling, Clarkson’s emissions will be offered to commuters to be taken away as compost.

The eco-friendly initiative is being piloted by an environmentally conscious organic yogurt, ‘Stony, Yogurt on a mission’, with an aim to take its healthy planet message to the streets. As an alternative to the conventional car, Stony is offering a calm, carbon-free journey to work, courtesy of its specially commissioned de-pollute cart drawn by Clarkson the horse.

Made entirely from sustainable materials and shaped like a funky yogurt pot, the carriage caters for commuter comfort – containing space for a fridge and laptop, powered entirely by solar energy.

The chassis of the Stony cart has been restored from a late 19th Century, French built Victoria carriage. Earlier this year Stony rescued and renovated the carriage using the highest possible environmental standards.

All timber used in construction is made from ethically sourced wood – FSC or PEFC certified. The gloss and undercoat paints are both organic varieties. A carbon off-setting allocation has been made to ensure that CO2 emissions resulting from the de-pollute tour are off-set through investment in measures for carbon re-uptake.

The cart is pulled by Clarkson, a 15 year-old English Traditional Cobb. Clarkson loves pedestrians, cyclists, public transport and environmental causes, but can’t stand unnecessary car journeys or the pollution they cause.

The idea came out of considering the following facts:

The average UK commuter drives 8.5 miles (13.7km) to work daily.

The average medium car driven for 12,000 miles generates 3.5 tonnes of greenhouse gasses per annum – rising to 5.8 tonnes over the same distance in a 4×4 or sports car.

One in six motorists spends the equivalent of a working day every week just commuting to and from their work – the equivalent to two years wasted over a lifetime.

The average car speed in London during the rush hour is just 7mph.

The average speed for a cyclist in the London rush hour is 12-15mph.

Walking is free and the most natural form of commuting – the average-sized adult walking a mile in 20 minutes can burn approximately 120 calories.

If everyone switched just one car journey per week to walking, cycling or taking public transport, the UK’s car traffic would be cut by at least 10 per cent.

If the pilot proves popular Stony is looking at extending the service and the number of horses and carts.