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Electric G-Wiz AC Drive price drops to

The G-Wiz, the most popular electric car on the streets of London, is now cheaper in its improved-performance AC drive form, now starting at £7,299 (basic model inc VAT), and the original model, the G-Wiz DC drive, is now discontinued.

Keith Johnston, managing director of GoinGreen says, “GoinGreen’s stated aim has always been to enable as many motorists as possible to go green and this starts with the purchase price. As manufacturing volume has increased, so have economies of scale and our policy is to pass these savings on to our customers. The G-Wiz now offers a great combination of best-in-class performance across all three measures of range, acceleration and top speed and is designed to be upgradeable to lithium-ion batteries, which will significantly improve performance even further. Moreover, the price point is more than three thousand pounds below other lower performance EVs using older technology.”

There are over 900 G-Wiz on London’s roads and the new, improved performance G-Wiz AC drive offers a range of up to 48 miles, 40% improved acceleration and a top speed of 45mph. The 2 + 2 seat G-Wiz AC drive is unique because it is upgradeable to lithium-ion batteries, which will enable it to achieve a significantly increased range per charge, improved cold weather performance and reduced recharging time. GoinGreen expects li-ion batteries to be available in early 2008.

When charged with electricity from renewable sources, the emissions impact of a G-Wiz is a saving of virtually 100% (well-to-wheel figure charging with ordinary electricity equates to 63g/km CO2). The G-Wiz is in Group 1 insurance, the lowest, and enjoys many benefits including free parking and recharging in the City of Westminster, which has introduced some on-street recharging points, with plans to roll out more, as well as those located in Westminster’s car parks. The G-Wiz is also exempt from the London Congestion Charge and this savings package can equate to more than £8,000 per annum.

GoinGreen created the electric vehicle market in London with the introduction of the G-Wiz in May 2004 and besides press accolades, GoinGreen/G-Wiz has gone on to win many awards, which include Startups Business of the Year 2004, Best City Car (for two consecutive years 2006 and 2007) at the ETA awards, BT Essence of the Entrepreneur 2006 and Best PR campaign at the inaugural Green Awards 2006.

GoinGreen recently conducted a customer survey, the first research the company had done into the driving habits of G-Wiz owners. It discovered that 68% of respondents said that they used to drive a conventional ICE (internal combustion engine) car into, and around, central London prior to owning a G-Wiz. GoinGreen says that for the first time anywhere in the world this demonstrates that low cost, low carbon motoring is effective in driving down pollution.