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The London Low Emission Zone for HGVs

The London Low Emission Zone (LLEZ) will come into operation from 4 February 2008, and Euro I or II HGV vehicles, regardless of age, will need either an RPC (Reduced Pollution Certificate) or LEC (Low Emissions Certificate) to avoid the £200 daily charge or a £1,000 fine.

VOSA strongly advises those operators whose vehicles will be affected in February 2008 – and who have either had a certified abatement device fitted to their vehicle or a Euro I or II engine that is referenced on Transport for London’s (TfL) LEC Eligible Engines list – to book their Low Emissions or Reduced Pollution test with VOSA as soon as possible.

Operators presenting vehicles for inspection need to ensure the following:

1. Their vehicle has had a certified abatement device fitted from TfL’s LEC/RPC Approved Devices list, or has a vehicle with an engine that is on TfL’s LEC eligible engines list;

2. The person that is presenting the vehicle for inspection is competent and equipped to tilt the cab and

3. Can remove engine access panels safely and is able to re-instate according to manufacturer’s instructions

A Low Emissions and Reduced Pollution Test consists of a physical inspection of the vehicle and a smoke opacity test. The vehicle must pass both elements in order for a LEC or RPC to be issued.

VOSA has booked more than 800 Low Emissions tests since the 3 September and has issued in excess of 400 LECs, and LEC bookings continuing to increase.

TfL will automatically be advised by VOSA if a vehicle has passed. Please note that this process can take 10 days, so it is advisable that operators ensure their vehicles are inspected in good time to be ready for 4 February 2008.

Operators can book their tests on the national number, 0870 60 60 440, or by calling their Local HGVTS. TfL’s LEC/RPC approved devices list and LEC Eligible Engines list can be viewed at