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Zipcar, the world’s largest car club, expands in the UK

Brent is the latest area of London to see the arrival of Zipcar, the pay as you go car service. The deal with Brent Council will see 28 Zipcars in the borough. Zipcar will enable residents and visitors to travel with the ease and convenience of a car, but none of the hassle, such as petrol, the congestion charge, insurance and MOT.

Members can choose from a range of models that offer more fun than the average Car Club, including Honda Civics, Toyota Aygos, BMW 318s and MINI Coopers, all for an hourly rate starting at just £4.95. At full scale each Zipcar takes 20 privately owned cars off the road and members report driving less and using public transport more.

Antony Palourti a Senior Sustainable Transport Officer from Brent Council explains: “Zipcar’s arrival in Brent is a great addition to our green commitment, as well as our work on reducing congestion. Zipcar provides a win-win solution for Brent Council and residents as we are not asking them to commit time or money towards going green; in fact they can save both time and money by joining up to Zipcar.”

Paul McLoughlin, General Manager, Zipcar adds: “We are working closely with Brent Council to make transport easier for residents and visitors through car clubs and are looking to expand on this by adding more cars to the area. With growing concerns over carbon emissions and road congestion we believe it is important that Councils look to initiatives that help residents reduce their impact on the environment and congestion.”

Zipcar has 190 cars located throughout London, including Kensington, Chelsea, Hammersmith, Pimlico, Battersea, Fulham and Ladbroke Grove. It’s the world’s largest and fastest growing Car Club, with more than 120,000 members and 3,000 vehicles in the US and London. For more information visit